Retiring/Resigning from International Management.


Sep 21, 2011
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As soon as I unlocked National Management I wanted to jump in straight away and landed myself a job as the manager of Ukraine. After leading the to European Chompionship glory, the England post has opened up. Naturally I'd like to try my chances there.

My issue is, every time I click "Yes" on the "Are you sure you want to resign...?" box my game immediately crash dumps and shuts down. I've also tried Retiring, that too causes the game to crash dump, the only thing that doesn't cause a crash dump is resigning from my club.
I've tried verifying the cache files in Steam and that still hasn't worked. Any other suggestions as to how I can stop this?
One method would be to stay in ur current job without resigning but continuosly declaring interest in the England job and also make sure u apply for the job as well...
That way if England comes in for you, you will be able to take over them without resigning....