Aug 7, 2010
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Is it possible to retrain a player that is Ineffectual at that area? For example retraining Javier Pastore to AMR or AML.
yeh i think it is possible but will take alot longer... dont ask em how long though
A lot will depend on how versatile the player is - which is a hidden attribute so unless you look using an editor you may not know.

I had a player who was very versatile who re-trained in a position from Ineffectual to accomplished in just over a season. I think if you play them in the position regularly it helps as well...
Errm my pastore had already retrained to AMR and its bright green but the new position option still have the AMR as retraining focus. Does it means that he is still not 100% effective in that position?
Sometimes when you retrain a player into a new positioning after doing the same, they lose the first one you did. In your case, you retrained Javier Pastore to a right winger, when you retrain him into a left winger, he may lose the first.

Like AcidicHaddock, it's difficult to know how versatile Pastore is unless you use the Editor, with the Versatility attribute. So it's all dependant on how versatile he is.
play the player for about 5-6 games in a different position that he doesn't know and then you should get a message from ur assistant answer do u wish to retrain this player for this role?
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i think its great the amount of money ive saved doing this is ALOT!!!!!!