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Jan 7, 2011
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In shocking news from France today, Manchester United Legend and controversial Striker has announced his intention to get into Club Management.

It is still unclear if he has been approached by any club or whether he is looking to join any particular club but this news sure has got football fans sailing as Eric "Kung-Fu Kick King" Cantona returns to the world of Football.

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Football journalists are in a frenzy as they try to know at which club The King will mark his return and whether the upturned Collar will still stay high after his first stint in the world of Football Management.

How's this looking? Also can I get suggestions as to which club i Should join?
Maybe like a small club bulid them up and move on after few years :D
you can very quick fight for first place with Southampton so thats team i would choose (for me they are better choice then swansea)
Will a 7 day poll be too long? How long should I wait?
be Auxerre → Marseille → Leeds → United Like when he played football :D
As there has been no change in the polls since few days, I think I will start the story now.
Italian Media in a Frenzy

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Italy's leading newspapers and Tv Channels are in frenzy as rumors are emerging of a possible Managerial change in one of Italy's top club. According to FourFourTwo.Com, Roma and Fiorentina are looking for a managerial change with Eric Cantona being touted as the man being chased by both the clubs. Rome and Florence have been rivals in history as well and it will be interesting to see as to which club will be able to nab their man.

Cantona spotted in Italy

Italian football fans can expect a major announcement after Eric Cantona was spotted in Italy today morning. He was spotted at the Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Rome and it is expected that he will be hired as the new Roma coach. Although there are no concrete reports as of yet, it seems likely that Eric Cantona will make his return to football in this week.
The King Returns

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In a stunning turnaround that has left Roma fans furious, Eric Cantona has been signed as the Manager for Fiorentina Fc after disagreements between Monetlla and Fiorentina Board Members over Club Start Jovetic. Cantona who was expected to meet Roma's Chairman instead took a taxi to Florence where he met with Fiorentica Co-Owner Delle Valle and signed on the dotted line.

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Delle Valle met the media right after and announced that he was very pleased with having Cantona on-board with the club. On being asked why Cantona was in rome he avoided the question by saying all further questions will be answerd by Eric himself in a press-conference tomorrow.​
Eric Cantona Press Conference

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Q- How does it feel to take the Fiorentine Hot Seat Eric?

A- It isn't hot as of now and I don't plan to let it get hot for me (Chuckling).

Q- You have signed for Fiorentina after you were spotted in Rome yesterday, weren't you supposed to sign for them?

A- No. I went to Rome just for getting the Media in a frenzy which I managed. :D I also managed to **** off the Rome fans which is an added bonus.

Q- But what about the fact that you don't know Italian?

A- Do you not know of devices called translators? Or a little thing which is called learning?

Q- You arrived after a long break from football and that too at a large club. Do you think you can cope?

A- Well the plan is to win the Manager of the year.

Q- And what about Jovetic?

A- He'll stay. That's all.

I am really sorry but the story didn't work out, the game kept on crashing and I didn't find Fiorentina much fun to play.

Sorry to everyone who had followed.