Feb 5, 2011
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Note: I was reading through Ollies Liverpool story yesterday and I thought it was really good. So i've decided to holiday through to the current date and edit tables on FMRTE like he did. Hope you dont mind Ollie.

Ancelotti: I Never Wanted Torres

Carlo Ancelotti has sensationally quit Chelsea today after the Blues confirmed the £50million deal for Fernando Torres last Monday.

The Italian has launched a scathing attack on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic after the story surfaced that it had been the Russians idea to buy the misfiring striker.

"He said to me that we were going to buy Torres and that I had no say in the matter" said a frustrated Ancelotti.

Speculation is rife as to who Ancelotti's replacement will be with Guus Hiddink, Gianfranco Zola and Frank Riijkard all in the mix.


Up in Smoke: Ancelotti had "no say" in Torres deal

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I sat in my kitchen, sipping my piping hot coffee and reading my newspaper.

"Ancelotti leaving, thats a pity" I thought to myself

"Brrring Brrrrring!" "Brrrring Brrrinng!"

My phone began to vibrate beside me. I picked it up and got the biggest shock of my life.

"Hello" I said startled at the unknown phone number.
"Hello Gianfranco, Roman Abramovic here" replied the voice
"I have a preposal for you to consider"
"I'm listening" I said knowing what was about to happen
"As you may know, Carlo has left us and after a long meeting, myself and the rest of the board have chosen you to be our next manager. If your interested that is"
"I would be very interested in that Roman"
"Great we'll discuss terms at the ground tomorrow at 3:00"
"Great see you then"

3rd February 2011Chelsea Training Ground - 4:00

Zola Takes the Reigns at Chelsea

Gianfranco Zola has made a senational return to football management with his former club Chelsea this afternoon.

The Italian was out of a job after West Ham owners David's Gold and Sullivan sacked him at the end of last season and he was quick to jump back into football with the club who hold a special place in his heart.


All smiles: Zola was thrilled to be back

I glanced at this as I prepared for my press conference...
Best of luck mate. Seems like a very good layout.


Welcome to the first official press conference announcing Gianfranco Zola as the new Chelsea manager.

SSN: First off Gianfranco, what do you make of Carlo Ancelotti's departure?
Zola: Eh, its obviously a fantastic opportunity for me but unfortunately that means Carlo must depart. I'll have a word with him later to console him.
SSN: Carlo's departure was all down to him not having a say in transfer dealings. Will this affect you at all?
Zola: No. Not at all. I am 100% sure that I will have the full say in all dealings in terms of transfers and all other aspects of the managerial game.
SSN: Okay. You've joined the club that has served you so well as a player. Do you think that will continue in management?
Zola: I certainly hope it can. My time here was probably the best time of my life and judging by the talks I've had with Roman [Abramovic] and Michael [Emenalo] my second spell here will be the same.
SSN: As far as first games go, it doesn't get much more difficult than Liverpool. Your thoughts on the match?
Zola: Yeah, your definately right there. Liverpool have found a new level under Kenny Dalglish and will be extremely pumped up and ready for the match as we found out at Anfield last time but if the boys can rally together we should get a result.
SSN: Finally, considering that you were unsuccessful at West Ham, do you think your appointment is justified?
Zola: If I didn't feel it was justified I would never have accepted the job because all I want is for Chelsea Football Club to be successful and I believe we can be.
SSN: Thanks Gianfranco! That'll be all for now.
Zola: Cheers, see ya later.

A couple of photo's taken and autographs signed later, it was time to get down to business. Selecting a side to face Liverpool on Sunday...

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6th February 2011 - Stamford Bridge - 3:30

"You ready?" asked Michael
"I think so" I nervously replied
"Well lets go then" he said opening my office door and inviting me through it.
"Okay, lets do this"

I strolled through the corridor and into the tunnel where the players were waiting to enter the pitch. I patted them all on the back as I walked through. I shook the hands of the officials as I reached the top of the que.

I took a final deep breath and stepped out onto the ground. The roars of the crowd deafened my nerves. I was home again.

The line up was as follows:


Ivanovic Terry Luiz Cole

Lampard Essien


Torres Drogba

Terry 88


The perfect start for me and my team as John Terry headed home from a Florent Malouda corner in the dying embers of the match.

Manager Scope - "Its a great day for Chelsea most importantly. We'll take this and carry it through to the next game against Fulham" - Gianfranco Zola

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Tuesday, 8th February 2011


Abramovic Approves Emanelo Sacking

Roman Abramovic has re-iterated his support for manager Gianfranco Zola after giving the Italian permission to speak to people about the Chelsea assistant managers position.

The Russian had sacked Ray Wilkins and replaced him with Michael Emelano just before Chelsea began dropping points and has now taken sides with Zola and terminated the Nigerians contract.

Sky sources believe that Gianfranco Zola's former employer Ruud Gullit will take Emanelo's place in the coming days.

I felt for Michael as I told him he was leaving but I didn't feel he was the right man for the job.
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nice story, check out mine click on the link below

Zola: I Want Schweinsteiger

It seems as if Gianfranco Zola is already looking to next season after the new Chelsea manager declared an interest in signing German midfielder Bastien Schweinsteiger. Zola will reportedly make a bid somewhere between £20-25 million for Schweinsteiger next Summer.

I had in fact declared interest in Bastien but at the moment i'm just looking at the current squad and the game at Fulham.

Line Up:


Ivanovic Terry Luiz Cole

Lampard Essien


Torres Drogba

Sidwell 12 - Terry 62, Anelka 78, Torres 88
Sidwell Sent Off

Fernando Torres' first Chelsea goal wraps up the points after Terry and Anelka had given Chelsea a 2-1 lead.

Manager Scope: "Im extremely happy with the lads. They were absolutely great and probably could have scored more - Gianfranco Zola

Table :
Top Seven
(After 27 games unless stated)
1. Manchester United - 60
2. Arsenal - 53
3. Chelsea - 50
4. Manchester City - 49
5. Tottenham - 47
6. Sunderland - 40
7. Liverpool - 38

Up next was a tricky trip to Schalke in the Champions League.
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