Nov 4, 2010
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Hey guys, This just popped into my head, has anyone ever left a club for example Man Utd and went to another team, say Real Madrid, managed there for a few season and then been able to get back to managing Man Utd. I've never been able to get an old job back, no matter how long i leave for and if ive been an amazing manager for them in the past...
No but I got fired from Roma for trying to. Im a Leeds fan, took them from league one in FM10 back to Premiership. I was the manager until 2023 when I resigned after winning Champions League in 2 consecutive seasons. I had won it all for them and took them to greatness. Biggest rivals in league/cups etc was Newcastle who were managed Stale Solbakken. He took over Leeds when I resigned. I twatted around Europe for 10 years managing, Bayern Munich, a small french team US.Boulogne then Roma. Stale got fired from Leeds and I applied., Roma fired me and Leeds hired someone else. Got a wee job with Real Madrid after a few months of unemployment. Always wanted to get back to Leeds.
i left Man Utd after doing the double in the first season.....then Real Madrid want me but i turned down the job but after being defeated by liverpool 4-0...i quit(because im a KOP) and its totally unacceptable to be defeated by 4 after 2 weeks Chelsea wants me and i took the job...they were 12th and i took them to 3rd while Man Utd down to 6th.....

i want to go back to man utd.....but i think its impossible...

i think imma stick with chelsea for another season before going off to other teams.....
I went Queen's Park and got them from Scottish 3rd to SPL and won champions league about 5 times
(though the highlight was beating rangers in the cup final when i was in second division)

Anyway i left to go to Barcelona and stayed for about 2 seasons then I tried a go at a Seria C team Pisa but could not be bothered with the effort so resigned at end of season after winning league.

Then went to Dundee Utd for about 5 games and went back to Queen's Park as the manager got sacked but they had been relegated down to second division which enoyed me i managed to get them back to SPL but never managed to win CL again got to the final though.

Whenever i manage a small team and make them big and then leave they always seem to end up garbage i do however sign about two of their best players though :S
i tried it with newcastle after i did the treble, went to barcelona and did treble, left them and went to leeds were i got them promoted from the championship to the prem and eventually won FA cup and Europa league. Newcastle's manager was David Moyes. He was sacked when they were 8th and i got the job and did the treble again :L
ive had the england job twice on the same save? but i dunno if nations are the same as clubs like that tho
Won the premiership with Wigan, resigned, took over at Lazio, won the league, resigned. The Wigan manager Schaaf left Wigan for my Lazio job so I applied for the Wigan job and got turned down in favour of Steve Coppel :S
interesting if you can't return to your former club. It is stupid if you can't and SI should really look at this. For example Kenny Dalglish resigned from LFC in 1991. Just returned now in 2011. So it does happen a lot in real life!!!