Reverting Logos and 3D Kits to Generic versions


Mar 24, 2010
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I usually like to remove the licensed club and competition logos and the real 3D kits from my FM games. I like to add and edit clubs and leagues and I find it's a cleaner look to have all the clubs and leagues looking both the same and correct. In the past, one has only needed to use the Resource Archiver on the Graphics.fmf file and remove those files. With FM13, however, when I do so, the licensed logos and kits are replaced by nothing, rather than the default versions based off the kit data in the db. It also seems to totally derail the 3d kit system, resulting in none of the clubs having them on their information pages. My questions are: Is it possible for one to revert all the logos and kits to default versions, as in the past, or is it something I have to live with? and If so, is there simply a trick I'm missing to get all generic graphics?
any ider were i can find club logos for disbanded clubs e.g. Gretna, scarborough ,ruston and diamonds. would realy like to make all the club bages show up in english league historys