Sep 20, 2010
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Has anyone gotten a extremely rich new chairman?
Like he has taken over and given you a rich budget.
Is there a trend that a certain few clubs are always taken over by RICH new chairmen?
In my saves its always derby or cardiff that are in takeover talks

a lot of the time deal falls through anyway
on my game, i was newcastle and got toook over by a local businessman and got £30mill, while at the same time Man United were getting took over and he promised to give a transfer budget of £842 million, i was like WHAT!!!!

See the attached image!! :O :O :O
842 mil. pounds?! WTF?! That's just, just impossible...
on my game, i was newcastle and got toook over by a local businessman and got £30mill, while at the same time Man United were getting took over and he promised to give a transfer budget of £842 million, i was like WHAT!!!!

See the attached image!! :O :O :O

So, did you actually get it??
If that goes through, then can you upload the DB mate? Would be a lot of fun for some people to try.

However, I'm sure there are plenty of threads already for this kind of thing :p
i wud sell pretty much every player and re-build man utd, u mite even b able to buy Messi
Playing as city i was able to spend $652 mill on transfers in my first season on 27 players. Most of the where wonder kids though for my reserves and under 18 team. But i was also able to get a number of world class firs team players while getting rid of the deadwood on the team.
how do i do that i tried the print screen key and it didn't work? I was wrong it was 662 mill while selling 48 mill in players.

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i realise that would bankrupt most clubs but since it's city i know it's not a big deal, cause i will always get more cash. The only thing is that i still have to get rid of some more players though. I have been releasing on a free anyone i can't sell.

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Date Person From Fee
9.7.2010 Muniain, Iker Athletic $33M
9.7.2010 De Gea, David At. Madrid $29M
9.7.2010 Forlín, Juan Espanyol $13.25M
9.7.2010 M'Vila, Yann Stade Rennais FC $24M
9.7.2010 Lukaku, Romelu Anderlecht $13.25M
9.7.2010 Poli, Andrea Sampdoria $24M
10.7.2010 Paulo Henrique Santos $29.5M
10.7.2010 Sakho, Mamadou Paris Saint-Germain $36.5M
10.7.2010 Elia, Eljero HSV $26.5M
10.7.2010 Musacchio, Mateo Villarreal $19.75M
10.7.2010 Bale, Gareth Tottenham $53M
10.7.2010 Chamberlain, Alex Southampton $2.6M
11.7.2010 Hazard, Eden LOSC Lille Métropole $29.5M
11.7.2010 Rami, Adil LOSC Lille Métropole $13.25M
12.7.2010 Rafael Tolói Goiás $10.75M
13.7.2010 Muniesa, Marc Barcelona $10.75M
13.7.2010 Kadlec, Vaclav Sparta Prague $2.6M
13.7.2010 Agüero, Sergio At. Madrid $64M
13.7.2010 Coentrão, Fábio Benfica $13.25M
14.7.2010 Giuliano Internacional $36.5M
15.7.2010 Babacar, Khouma Fiorentina $18.25M
15.7.2010 Pastore, Javier Palermo $47M
15.7.2010 Dzeko, Edin Wolfsburg $39.5M
16.7.2010 Neymar Santos $41M
19.7.2010 Diego Renan Cruzeiro $24M
25.7.2010 Rakitskyi, Yaroslav Shakhtar $9M
27.8.2010 Edu Ramos Málaga $5.5M
Total $669M

Date Person To Fee
11.7.2010 Jô Sevilla $7.25M
11.7.2010 Bridge, Wayne Arsenal $5M
12.7.2010 Lescott, Joleon Galatasaray $7M
17.7.2010 Adebayor, Emmanuel At. Madrid $23.5M
19.7.2010 Etuhu, Kelvin Villarreal $2.5M
22.7.2010 Vieira, Patrick Fulham $1.7M
4.8.2010 Santa Cruz, Roque At. Madrid Ln Fee $325K
5.8.2010 González, David Swansea $1M
6.8.2010 Taylor, Stuart Man Utd Ln Fee $200K
12.8.2010 Vidal, Javan Norwich Loan
12.8.2010 Cunningham, Greg Preston Loan
15.8.2010 McDermott, Donal Crystal Palace Loan
25.8.2010 Ibrahim, Abdi Hartlepool Loan
28.8.2010 Veseli, Frederic Crewe Loan
31.8.2010 Hélan, Jérémy Accrington Loan
21.9.2010 Touré, Kolo Free
2.10.2010 Logan, Shaleum Free
2.10.2010 Wood, James Free
6.11.2010 Elabdellaoui, Omar Free
6.11.2010 Kay, Scott Free
6.11.2010 Chantler, Christopher Free
6.11.2010 Wabara, Reece Free
6.11.2010 Benali, Ahmad Free
6.11.2010 Poole, James Free
Total $48.5M

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ironic thing is that i still have 1.6 mill left of my transfer budget to spend, but i can't think of any one else to buy. I used the pay over 48 months option when i put a bid in on all the players and since i know i get a 200 mill+ budget every year it's no biggie.
I initially went in and moved the slider all the way to maximize my transfer budget. Then i asked the board for a higher wage budget to make up for what i took. Then i asked for a higher transfer budget again to make my transfer budget even higher. I then sold alot of my higher earners that i didn't want freeing up even more wages and increasing my transfer budget even more that the same time. From there i just negotiated the payments for all the players that i bought over 48 months. By the way using the actions that i mentioned earlier i was able to bring my initial transfer budget before spending to 320 million pounds.
On my spurs game got taken over by a rich croatian business man who clear alls the debts built new youth and training facilities and gave 100m to spend