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Richest Club ever? Bank Balance > 1 Billion (


Mar 16, 2012
[h=2]Richest Club ever? Bank Balance > 1 Billion ( [/h]

In long-running careers at one club, at some point You have so much money You don't know what to do with it.
Instead of spending it on expensive players who ask for ridiculous wages and stall the development of the youngsters/wonderkids, I decided to try and raise a balance of 1,000,000,000 (in Ajax' case) euro's.

In my Ajax game on FM 2011, in season 2034/35 my balance for the first time exceeded 1,000,000,000 euro.
I had a new stadium built in 2021 with a capacity of 67 426, the 120M loan had been paid off after a few profitable seasons. I had cut down my payroll down to around 0.9M/week and make about 80M profit per year. Estimated value is now 1.89B. Taxes and Dividends are the main expenses.

My only real goals left in this career are club estimated value over 2B and to try and build a new stadium without taking out a loan to pay for it. Possible starting from 2041? (20 years new stadium rule?!)

Do other managers have similar long-running careers with a 'rich club', or paying in full for a (second) new stadium?

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