Apr 21, 2013
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How do I increase this(actual budget = 7k)? All sliders are to wage instead of transfer? I'm about to be promoted and then compete with minimum 100k budgets. Do I just have to switch teams to keep moving up?

I have had that happen before the board doesn't allow more wage for some weird reason, although it is unlikely that they would agree but ask the board for more wage, if you haven't already, if not it just makes it more challenging
I don't have issues with it being challenging! I'm already not very good but I guess the reason I'm a LLM is because I like realism. That said, it seems reasonable that I should switch jobs if I'm not getting what I think I should. :D
Okay I have never used an editor but I think, I am not positive, you can adjust the wage budget with FMRTE or Mac something but like I said not sure as I don't have an editor but my friend has an editor
I just looked it up it is called MacAssistant which of course only works if you have a mac also I found another one while looking that one up and it works for PC and Mac it is called FM13 Real-Time Financial Editor and by its name it should be able to change the wage budget and you are right this years FM is quite hard:p Hope that helps