Right Winger - Replacing Arjen Robben


May 7, 2013
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I'm playing as Bayern München and recently sold Arjen Robben to Liverpool, as he was almost always in bad form. I have yet to find a good replacement for him. Who are some suitable replacements? Money no object. I field a 4-2-3-1 and rely on inside forwards.






Müller doesn't perform as well on the wing, and he's been position training for months. Shaqiri performs well as a sub but usually does worse whenever he's in the starting 11.
In this particular case: Eden Hazard should playing as right winger while Müller should be behind Falcao.

Have you added Goetze to your game? Because if that´s the case and If you also want to improve your finances, you can do it right away as there is no need to have Hazard or Ribery. you may sell them if they are not starting.

You should be playing with Javi Martinez alongside Schweinsteiger with Gotze, Kroos & Muller swapping positions ahead of those two (AMC,AML&AMR). Falcao and Mandzukic should be more than enough upfront.

But if you want to be even more effective, I would recommend you playing with Javi Martinez (BWM) -Schweinsteiger (DLP)...Goetze (AMR) - Kroos (AMC) - Shaquiri (AML) & Muller as a false nine. I usually make my wingers swap between them and the AMC swaps with the false nine. It´s a lethal combination.
Hazard on the right? His rating on the right is 1.5, as supposed to 4 in the middle or 4.5 on the left. Are you sure that would work? And no, I don't have Goetze. My subs for the wingers are Shaqiri and Cristian Tello, but Tello is out on loan at Porto so I brought in loan listed Simone Pepe from Juventus for the season.

In the middle, I usually play Schweinsteiger as a MCL and switch between Kroos and Martinez as MCR. I put Kroos behind Falcao and move Hazard to the left whenever the very injury prone Ribery gets hurt. I'll probably sell Ribery in the January transfer window.

My current transfer budget is $14 million, but I'll have more when I sell Ribery. Before the window ended, I was looking into Nani and Theo Walcott but neither of them had good enough attributes or stats to justify an expensive transfer.

I've been forgetting to start Martinez so thank you for reminding me to do so! Also thank you for the input
It´s a mistake from the game then. They usually forget to add positions the play naturally. Right winger is one of them for Hazard. So if you have FMRTE just edit it. I always do it.

I´m sure that you can improve a lot with that way of playing. If you sell Ribery, Hazard should be played as an inside forward (AML) with Shaquiri at the right wing (also as inside forward).

I recommend buying a wonderkid who may play both wings and it´s either footed to develop.

I have kids from my reserves as subs.

Wellington Nem/Antoine Griezmann/Ayew/(Perhaps) Lucas Moura