Riquelme to the Premiership?


Sep 15, 2005
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Well if there was a time for him to come to the Premiership I think it would be now. He's currently on a 5 month loan at Boca due to difficulties with the Villarreal chairman or coach (can't remember which).

With Boro apparently about to make a "spectacular" signing alot of them reckon it will be Riquelme. :rolleyes: But if he was to come to the Premiership I think it would be a better team.

Liverpool me hopes. :wub:

Yeah i heard about the spectacular signing about to come on gazette live today....

Names mentioned included Saviola (LOLL), Smith (hmm) and Riquelme (LOL) sensational if we get either Sav or Riq, but not going to happen.

After losing Viduka and feeling like Argh! i'm starting to feel optimistic again.
Well no matter who you sign you can't do as bad as last season surely.
Last season in the league we did better than the season before! so it wasn't too bad, finished above the barcodes aswell.

And i don't know about that^

Anyway, this is what i read on gazette live:

STEVE Gibson is planning to secure another “spectacular” signing for the Boro fans over the next few days.
Boro are closing in another big-name international striker to follow Turkish star Tuncay Sanli into Teesside.
If negotiations are successful for the new - so far unnamed - forward, then it will also open the door for Boro to listen to offers for Yakubu.

Portsmouth have apparently made a fresh inquiry in the hope of taking the Nigerian back to Fratton Park.​

Anyway Riquelme yeaah!! but he can't be what that^ is talking about as he isnt a striker yes?
Ah I suppose. Maybe you'll sign Cisse. :(
If Boro let Yakubu go they're stupid. Someone like him would thrive if Riquelme did go there.
I remember reading somewhere a few weeks ago about Riquelme saying he wouldn't move to England as his kids don't speak any English and he doesn't want them to suffer...or summat lame like that anyway ;)
Yeh I suppose that's fair enough, apparently he said he doesn't enjoy it in Europe aswell.
As ling as the man comes back to Europe. Don't suffer in SA