Rise Against

Yes. Yes. A million times yes.
Brilliant band, very under-rated...hero of war is a epic song.
Really hope they do a UK tour this year :O Would pay anything :) lol
There new song "Help is on the way" is great :) I love how all there lyrics are so meaningful
rise against are really good :) used to be my fave band when i was more into simple punky esque music :)
Hero of war, paper wings, prayer of the refugee. ****, I'll be here a while naming allllllll of my favourites.
Seen them live 3 times, every time better than the last :D
my sound is busted so i cant hear anything lol
Just listened to that video which was posted

And i guess ill go out and buy their album tomorrow, dam

Sound good, not as good as Papa F*cking Roach, but good
I have a lot of love for Rise Against. Brilliant band