Rise of Anoeta -Real Sociedad de Fútbol, S.A.D.

Sir Andrew

Jul 12, 2013
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Hi, my name's Sir Andrew. I'm new here and my English may not be very well... This is my first manager story ever since I've started to play Football Manager. I've decided to open a post talking my career because this brings the motivation to continue my save and I'd like to share my FM story. In addition, I've just given up the Wigan save as I've played in fm12 and I felt boring only after one season has gone.

Here we go, I chose Real Sociedad because they have very good midfielders. Also, I like to end the continuing championships of Real Madrid or Barca in recent years.

Aims (what to get) :
  1. La Liga
  2. Copa del Rey
  3. Champions League
  4. Euro Super Cup
  5. FIFA Club World Cup
  6. Supercopa de Espana
And of course without replaying games.
Let see some screenshots about the background and matches of Real Sociedad
Note that update will be inconstant as I'm not always free.
Lastly, I hope everyone would enjoy my save ;)

Here're the general info., the recent team report and transfer history.
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Sorry, I'll be back in Premier League...later.
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Interested to see how illaremendi does after is big move!
Pre-season match has finished, let's see the results

28/7/12 FC Emmen 0-2 Real Sociedad (Jose Angel, Illarramendi)
4/8/12 SW Harelbeke 0-5 Real Sociedad (Carlos Fierro 3Gs, Xabi Prieto 2Gs)
8/8/12 Real Sociedad 1-0 Sporting (Illarramendi)
11/8/12 Real Sociedad 1-0 Catania (Castro)

All wins, what a good start! 8-|
He's a good midfielder indeed, feel sorry for his departure...
Champions League Playoff 2nd Round -We are qualified!!

Before the playoff there's a match in La Liga
Elche 0-5 Real Sociedad (Fierro 3Gs, Greizmann, Vela) |)
But let's focus on the playoff
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Unluckily, we've been drawn into Group E in Champions League
FC Bayern, OM, Galatasaray, Real Sociedad
Seems no one would enjoy my story, then should I close it?
You only started one day ago! Give it time especially if you havent done many stories before, some people get a lot of interest due to previous stories, maybe monthly updates would help and actuallly get a few updates on here!
Looks good so far, just keep going. Just because people aren't commenting doesn't mean they aren't following. I've just started one with sociedad aswell so will be interesting to see how you do things differently