May 22, 2013
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Hi all, I just joined the forum because I'm having a very frustrating problem with my safe file. I got FM 2013 yesterday and I noticed a very annoying glitch. Some players that I attempt to make an offer for will have the offer rejected despite matching the asking price and increasing it for no reason. I first noticed this when I tried to make an offer for Alderweireld of £8.5 mil asking price after PSG made their offer and it was accepted. My offer got rejected and the new asking price was £12 mil. I didn't think much of it at the time but it happened again with Douglas from Twente. So I decided to experiment, please look at the screen shots

Every time I make an offer it keeps getting rejected and the asking price will increase, at one point it went all the way up to £74 million before it finally got accepted. But obviously I haven't got £74 million to spend (and Douglas didn't want to join QPR) but when I went back to the 'make offer' page it went back down to the original asking price of £7.5 million

Has anyone got an explanation for this?
Could be due to the fact its over 48 months and you are paying nothing up front which means they cannot go and fund a replacement. You are crazy offering those amounts for a mediocre player aswell.
You're offering it all in installments, the price will always be more than what it would be if you pay for him straight up.
I've never had a problem buying players using installments before. They way I purchase players when I start a new game is usually by offering installments cause it's better for me in the short run. In past FM's they would accepts as long as it met the asking price. Has this changed?