Rival Managers- Lack of ability and stupidity


Nov 9, 2010
It seems like rival manager stats have no bearing on the game what so ever.

I started a southhampton save which lasted 4 seasons

I finished 4th, 3rd, 1st, 2nd won the fa cup and reached the champions league final- awesome, thats not the point though the point is i had built up a really good and balanced squad with no weaknesses in any position a young squad who by all accounts should actually get better.

I then decide to take over Liverpool who had just won promotion from the championship yes thats correct liverpool got relegated within 3 seasons.

So a manager takes over at southhampton bam they are in 8th position now, im in 4th currently not only that they allow their best player to leave for 5.75 million( a 30mill plus player) because they could not get him to renew his contract due to salary demands.

This is my point it doesnt seem realistic that liverpool could and would get relegated within 3 seasons under any circumstances and yet they churned through manager after manager, rodges,hiddink benetiz martinez.

None of which improved them at all.

A new manager gets appointed to southhamption lets their best player leave and cant even get in the top 6 with one of the better teams in the premier league.

Im sure you all have your stories of weird and stupid things happening as well.

But for me it seems unrealistic.