Rivals In Rome - Klippybo v Stonecold Online Save (Roma v Lazio)


Apr 7, 2009
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ITS ON!!!!!

So finally myself and Stonecold are doing a joint online save in FM19. Its me v him, Roma v Lazio, beer v soft drink, moody pre-teen v two twin toddlers, girlfriend v wife - you get the message (not sure what is going to happen with the last one!).

I will be AS Roma and Stonecold will be SS Lazio so we shall see who topples Juventus first and who has the bragging rights in the local derbies.

Feel free to comment and even cheer on your favourite. Should be fun! Posts will be done every pre-season, end of the calendar year, end of January window and end of season.


Love this idea from two of my favourite writers on the site! Not taking sides, but interested to see who comes out on top!


So here we go! I went into the window wanting to get rid of Dzeko and Kolarov and I needed to sign 2 strikers, a left back and a centre back. I did all 3 and then some!!!

Stonecold and I were in the same room during this first period so it went quite quickly. We had conversations about his schoolfriend dropping a packet of tic-tacs and getting hit by a car, me shooing away my girlfriend when she came home early by waving a shoe and many other capers.

Here are my transfer dealings...……



There you see our dealings. I had already decided that Kolarov, Dzeko and Gonalons were leaving and while the latter 2 were already covered in the squad I needed to replace Dzeko. In the end I got over £20m for Dzeko which is not bad for a 32y/o while the others and Karsdorp left for decent money too.

I didn't really replace Dzeko though. Danny Welbeck came in on a free but is really a winger while Musa Barrow is a great prospect on loan from Atalanta so Patrick Schick better hit the ground running. I tried to get Balotelli on a free transfer but apparently - and I kid you not - he didn't like the abuse he got from the Roma fans before!!!!!

Cristian Pavon was my go to player for the RW and despite demanding an astonishing £100k a week I went through with the signing as at £3m it was still a bargain.

When I found out that Spinazzola wasn't a natural left back I went for Kieran Tierney and he joined for £25m and is my new club captain. Stonecold was quite ****** off when I did that deal and that is my left back position sewn up for the next few years.

I also managed to get James Rodriguez on loan from Real Madrid. I had to agree to sell Javier Pastore in January to afford the deal but he is a world class player and will be a key player this season.

As for my other signings I got my go-to centre half Scott McKenna from Aberdeen for £8.5m, Zagadou came in on loan while regens Djerlek, Xadas, Morilla, Viviani and Vignato all came in so we are looking good!!!!



My team is looking good - my first XI should be like this...…..

GK - Pau Lopez
RB - Alessandro Florenzi
CB - Federico Fazio
CB - Juan Jesus
LB - Kieran Tierney
CM - Loreno Pellegrini
CM - Bryan Cristante
AMR - Cristian Pavon
AMC - James Rodriguez
AML - Justin Kluivert
ST - Patrick Schick

What does everyone think?

Ooooo hard to pick sides here. Solid window there but up front could be an issue Klippy


So my favorite save of the year is here. We've always been really closely matched. We talked over our best head to head saves. Atletico vs Valencia. Man Utd vs Arsenal where we became the best two teams in the world and of course Barca vs Real, when i got sacked after winning the champions league!

When it came to choosing sides we ended up with the two Rome sides i had no bad feelings to either but had great memories of the Lazio side with Crespo, Vieri and Claudio Lopez.

I think this will be very interesting. Neither side is on the elite level in there nation never mind on the world phase and with this years game being easier than usual it should maybe take longer to make a huge force!

After missing out on the huge signings due to our lower status and a major signing falling through on deadline day we end up with youth and free signing but no major upgrades like Klippy got with Tierney

Pre Season

1 defeat against Arsenal but elsewhere is good.


Balotelli & Coentrao will be vital additions that go right into the starting 11 Mario's signing is especially sweet after he told Roma to buy me bonestorm or go to ****! Palacios was the big money move despite being heavy he is a long term gain as we get rid of the older players. Gravenberch & Fabio Silva are two of the top potential players in the whole game and will be worth multiple times the £9,2m investment.


Defense we far to heavy on depth so clearing that out payed for the incoming players.

With plenty money to spend we will have a good look at what to do with my £20m+ in the bank.

Best X1

GK T Strakosha
DR A Marusic
DC F Acerbi
DC Luiz Felipe
DL Fabio Coentrao
MR E Palacios
MC SM Savic
MC Luis Alberto
ML J Correa
AT M Balotelli
AT C Immobile

With this team i expect us to push for Champions League places. Title not quite yet! No worrys about the Italian cup and in Europe i have a feeling either us or Roma will be going for the Europa League title and will face off at some stage.
Savic however is the only player i could see being here for the whole save!

So predictions folks! Where do you see us finishing?

I'm calling it
2nd Lazio P38 w28 7 3 91
3rd Roma P38 w26 8 4 86

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And here is why Roma will not be getting any super mario in his life!

Any man brave enough to sign Balotelli has my vote, Forza Lazio!
Any man brave enough to sign Balotelli has my vote, Forza Lazio!

When you see how **** he's been you can feel free to edit out the brave for stupid! Mario + pens & VAR are the burden of my life! we've had more goals chalked off than games played!
When you see how **** he's been you can feel free to edit out the brave for stupid! Mario + pens & VAR are the burden of my life! we've had more goals chalked off than games played!

The game always finds a way to screw you over!
Based on the Italian CM game a while back it has to #ForzaLazio

made me wanna start my own save with them Stonecold. Loving those transfers!
Just to keep you good folks up to speed we're going to do 3 or 4 updates a season. End of December, End of January then see how the end of season goes. If there's a lot happening we'll post early.

Tomorrow night we should get to January and a update from us both so here's a quick preview

Europa League was a dander but the last 32 draw was great for one, bad for the other.
Serie A had a crazy start with 5 teams going 5/5, Were we either of them? Juve of course led that charge but how did the next 2 months
Strikers have been mind blowing for both of us. Between both teams i think the manager in question would save only 1 bullet