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Apr 12, 2009
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Robbie Fowler - The Next Stage (Currently Managing Newcastle)


Hello there. My name is Robbie Fowler. You have probably already heard the news that I have decided to finish my playing career. It was not an easy decision, to give up what I love. I have had a great time throughout my whole career, but after much thought, I decided it was time to hang up my boots. Now, I am going to return to my home in Liverpool, and take a short break, and then I will be out on the hunt for a new job. I would personally prefer to get a job in England, but I would not turn down an offer from teams around Europe, and I would be straight aboard the plane if I get an offer from Australia. So now, its time for me to rest, but please do come back, to see where I will start my management career.

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Keep tis going pal, and make sure you move the thread to FM11 stories.
Keep tis going pal, and make sure you move the thread to FM11 stories.

Thanks mate. And I didnt realize it was in the FM10 ones, not sure how it got there :\

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Its amazing how things can happen so quickly. I was sitting at home, relaxing and enjoying watching TV, when the phone rang. I got up to answer it, expecting it to be one of my friends or family. I picked up the phone.

"Hello" I said

"Hello Robbie, its Mike Ashley" the voice replied.

I paused. Mike Ashley...Mike Ashley...where do I know that name...Oh the Newcastle United owner. "Hi Mike, Hello."

"Hello, I heard you have retired now, and you are looking to go into management, is that correct?"

"Yes, that is right Mike. I have decided that I would like to go into management"

"Well, I have some good news for you, I believe that you have the potential to be an excellent manager, and I would love to offer you the job as Newcastle manager."

"Ok.." was all I could say. I was shocked, I wasn't expecting my first job to be at such a big club

"I will arrange transport to get you down to Newcastle, and we will have a meeting about your contract and my expectations, and then we will go into a press conference to announce your new position"

"Ok, thanks very much Mike"​

That was how it started, a simple phone call from a very important person. The day came for me to head out to Newcastle, and I climbed into the car that Mike came to get me in. We then headed off to St. James Park for a meeting about the job. After some lengthy discussion, we came to a deal worth £12,250 per week for 4 years.

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After finishing our talks, Mike whisked me into a press conference, where I was faced with many different members of the press. Mike stated of the conference by introducing me, and stating that he had hired me as a manager. He went through all the details about my contract and his expectations, and then handed over to me. I will admit, I was slightly nervous, but in the end I feel it went well.

Q. What style of football are you going to play?
A. I will be adopting an attacking game, that focuses on passing and possession

Q. What type of transfer should we expect from you?
A. I will be looking to bring in the best players for the club at good prices

Q. How involved do you expect to be in the club?
A. I expect to be 100% involved in all aspects of the club

Q. Your first game is up against Liverpool, what sought or reception do you think you will receive?
A. Obviously im hoping to get a good reception. Its been a while since I have been to Anfield, and I am looking forward to going back
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After a nights rest, it was time to head out to the training ground for my first days training, and this was the time to meet my new players. The first person that I met, was obviously Kevin Nolan, the current Newcastle captain. I had a good chat with Kevin, and told him that I was looking forward to working closely with him, and that I would be leaving him as team captain.


Another play who I feel will be very important this season will be Andy Carroll. The young striker looks like a great player in training and I will be hoping that he can transfer his training form into competitive matches. I will be looking for him to use his strength and height to bully defenders, and hopefully grab a few goals too.


I have decided to bring in my old team-mate, Steve Mcmanaman, to fill in the vacant Assistant manager role. I am looking forward to working with my old mate again. He was very exited about taking on the role, and he said he was looking forward to helping me turn Newcastle United into the great club they used to be.


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Dream Return Turns Into Nightmare For Fowler


It was great returning to Anfield, the club of my youth. Its was great to hear the great Kop sing, but for my first ever time, I was unable to find the same joy as them. I obviously was not expecting a win over Liverpool, but I was hoping to ****** a draw. I set up my team very defensively, to try and cope with Torres and Gerrard. Even with the defensive line up though, we we're still unable to cope. Rodriguez opened the scoring after just 5 minutes, with a fantastic long range shot that flew past Krul. Liverpool then doubled their lead through a neat finish from Torres. Andy Carroll then snatched a goal back, and I thought we might be able to hold on to 2-1, and maybe grab another goal. Unfortunately though, that plan went out the window just 7 minutes later after Gerrard score a great goal. We went into half time 3-1 down, and I was hoping to get a positive response from my team in the second half, but once again, Liverpool outplayed us. Spearing, Meireles and Gerrard all grabbed goals, while Barton got a consolation goal for us.

Our next game is a home match against West Brom, another team who got promoted last season like Newcastle. I will be adopting a more attacking tactic for this match, as I believe we can go out and get a win against West Brom. I will also be giving Humberto Suazo his first start in a Newcastle shirt. I will be hoping he can make a big impact, and grab a few goals in the process.

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Fowler Records First Managerial Win


MOM: Andy Carroll (Newcastle)

As I said before, I adopted a more attacking tactic, and it worked brilliantly. I decided to go for a 4-4-2 with attacking wingers. We didn't get off to the best start in the match though, with Reid scoring after just 1 minute for West Brom. Coloccini switched off and missed an important interception which allowed Reid in to score. We responded well after conceeding the goal though, and managed to get an equalising goal after a good header from Andy Carroll. At half time it was 1-1, so I gave my players plenty of encouragement, to try and get a win in the second half. It seemed to have the desired effect, when Andy Carroll stuck home for 2-1. I then substituted Carroll for Lovenkrands, who managed to score a superb cheeky chip from inside the West Brom box

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I like the fact that you're taking the persona of Robbie Fowler, very interesting mate. Layouts good too
I like the fact that you're taking the persona of Robbie Fowler, very interesting mate. Layouts good too

Thanks, Obviously im not the best Fowler, as I dont speak Scouse, but I try my best

Good luck mate looks good

Thanks :)

looks good :D

*will be following*

Thanks :)

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Newcastle Progress To 3rd Round Of The Carling Cup


Today we played our first cup game of the season, with a home match in the Carling Cup against Swindon Town. I decided to field some of my reserve and youth players, to give me a chance to assess where they stand at the club. I decided to keep the same tactics for this match, as they worked well in the last game, and I am glad they have worked again. Xisco got the scoring started after 28 minutes, after dribbling around 3 players and smashing the ball past the goalkeeper. Coloccini then finished the scoring after 38 minutes with a header from a corner. I would have liked to add to the score, but none the less, I am glad with the win

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Looking good mate. Shame about not getting a perfect return to Liverpool.
Just got back into this save, so I will be updating this soon :)
Sunderland Come Out On Top Of Tyneside Derby


I got to experience the true nature of the Tyneside Derby today. The passion and determination of all the players on both teams was amazing. All the players battled their hardest to try and get a win, and gain the bragging rights over their rivals. Unfortunately though, we we came out with a loss, after a game that Sunderland dominated. Bent opened the scoring after 15 minutes, and the Gyan doubled Sunderlands lead just 4 minutes later. Carroll then gave us hope after 30 minutes, but we were unable to build on the goal, and Gyan scored again just 7 minuted after Carrolls goal. Bent then grabbed a goal after 69 minuted, and Turner scored an own goal after 83 minutes. I am obviously disappointed by the loss, but I have learnt a lot about my team, and I feel we can go out and win when Sunderland return.

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good story mate, im following....

what do you think is the reason for the leaky-goals? Maybe once the team start to gel things will pick up
good story mate, im following....

what do you think is the reason for the leaky-goals? Maybe once the team start to gel things will pick up

Im also still working on a tactic, so hopefully I will perfect that soon too
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