Jan 6, 2009
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In anyone else's saves is robin van persie as good as this? look at his stats below!!
I haven't seen him with that kind of form before.. what role are you playing him in?

EDIT: Just seen you're not managing him :(
He is very good especially at right attacking mid, i use inside forward to get the best results, put 2 past chelsea in a 5-0 win :))
I dont manage him but he is tearing me apart with his arsenal team just wondering if this is a one of or constantly like this...
I haven't seen his stats in my game but he's leading the Premier League in goals.
Scored 35 goals now a new premier league record in my game now and only in march :)
Hmmm stats dont just shoot up for a 26 year old like that.
Hmmm supicious
Here is his history, btw he won every major award possible in my save over lionel messi too!
he is that good on mine, barca offered me £40million for him
Hmmm stats dont just shoot up for a 26 year old like that.
Hmmm supicious

His stats are like that in every game, he's always at or near the top of the league in scoring in every season I play, he's a monster when/if he's fit.
He's got great stats even from the start of the game, I'm three months into my Arsenal save and his stats haven't rose. However that is mainly because, just as in real life, he is/was injured for 6/7 weeks, before that injury however in the first 2-3 games he scored 4 or 5 goals.
He's a monster in this like he is in reality. It's just a shame he gets injured a lot. But when I was managing Arsenal he tore the Prem apart, forgot how many goals he got as I haven't been on that save in weeks.
****** ****, thats outrageous! RVP is an utter beast who can score from anywhere. I usually don't like having relatively slow players in my teams but I always make an exception for him and cesc.......amazing. Fabregas is scoring in pretty much every game and getting MoM in my save.