Rocky Balboa


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Sep 15, 2005
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It's just another Rocky movie and it's goooooooooooooooooooood. Quite emotional as well, poor Rock :(

Mason (the baddie) was a bit **** though. Would have been good to have another big ego one like Clubber or Drago.

Well worth a watch anyway just to see Sly in little shorts :wub:
Yeah if he wants to go see it in the cinema you plonk!

Out Jan16th i think, will try go see it!

Ivan Drago pwned.
Yeah I watched it a week ago and enjoyed it aswell. Would recommend it to anyone who has seen previous Rocky's.
I watched this last night and i agree with the others who have seen worth the watch, i did think the 1st hour was good but also a bit boring then for last part of it when he starts training and its the fight it gets good.
havent seen any of the rockys... *waits for abuse*
Ive nly wtched the 1 with Drago, i liked how Rocky single handly brought down communism and the Soviet Union.
JUst seen Rocky Balboa and it's made me want to watch the first 5 and then this one again!

Tbh i can't even remember any of the Rocky's, i remember thingd that have happened but cannot remember in which movie they happened.

I remember the "baddies" and agree wiith Sean that this Dixon guy sucked ***.

Some bits of this film were a bit obvious i would say (predictable).

A good film, and worth a watch if not to just finish off the series, i gave it a 7 :)
Just saw it at the pictures, which I think you needed to see it at to appreciate it (and not jus cos you get a free set of mini boxing gloves :))

The first hour is dull as **** apart from when Sly has to get emotional as he is compeltly incoherent my sides were pretty sore from loling. Also the amount of **** 'wisdom' he came out with like the dancing line about dancing around problems and how every man must name an animal. Also Steps and 'Punchy' the dog pwnt. Peter Petrelli was an annoying *** face as well, so he was playing the same role he does on heroes (snap snap)

Anyway the good side,

As soon as he started training the film pwnt, fighting was class :D

3/10 for first half

7/10 overall
as is probably quite apparent, i'm a bit of fan of the balboa legacy

and i have to say, this film didnt disappoint - it's always good to see the "balboasaurus" back in the ring, especially after rocky V's tommy gunn debacle

ahh, all this talk has made me want to watch my rocky boxset (again).

good times.