Rojadirecta and adthe closed down today!


Oct 9, 2010
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I watch games all of the time on rojadirecta since I don't live in Europe and don't have access to football. Just this past weekend I watched 3 La Liga games and I watched highlights yesterday. But I try to go there today to watch some highlights and it's been closed down by the department of homeland security (US)! Same with (never used it, but I hear it's good too).

This is absolutely disgraceful. How am I supposed to follow football overseas? There is no way you can watch Argentine football outside of Argentina...I would be willing to pay a good sum of money to watch it online, but they don't let you purchase an online package (unlike other leagues, such as Turkey's). Does anyone know where I can watch football online for free? If not, I'm definitely willing to pay...I watch the Argentine league and South American tournaments and La Liga, and Arsenal every once in a long while (will definitely want to watch the Chelsea vs. Liverpool game this weekend). There is but it doesn't work (not sure if it's where I live or my internet server or what).

Now if the leagues sold their games online, that would be one thing, but they don' infuriates me that they police any attempt for loyal fans that live abroad to watch the sport, since there's no option of paying...what are we supposed to do?
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yep, tried to watch the Sunderland game on last night, had to watch vipstand instead :S
Where can I download games afterwards? I've been dying to see the Portugal Argentina game but can't since I have to go to bed. Anyways, most of the games happen when I'm asleep or at work (time zone), so what's my best option for downloading games afterwards? That's what rojadirecta was great for.