Romanian Challenge


Feb 5, 2010
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Hi guys , I have a little challenge for you all. I'm from Romania and I found a patch that enables the lower leagues here. I started yesterday with my local and beloved team CSM Focşani from the 3rd division. Trust my words , it's quite a challenge to promote when you have players estimated at 1k an below. Regardless all of that , it's an awesome feeling for you to win something with that kind of team. Right now , after 15 matches I am 1st with 35 points , 2 points difference from second place and I'm happy because my team is estimated as a mid-table finisher with no chances for promotions. I have an ordinary 4-4-2 which works heavenly. Whatsoever , I will post a link with the data base , I guess you all know how to activate it and looking forward to read about your future careers.

Database Link
Database Link 2

P.S. Sorry for my typing mistakes [ if i have any ] , English is not my native language and I'm still learning.
i'm going to give this a go with a team with the coolest looking name and badge :D!

Thanks very much for sharing
I forgot to say , this database is the property of the They've created it , I just uploaded here.

@LewLufc , can't wait for your results. Cheers mate.