Nov 5, 2009
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...This is my first post here, although I've tried to make one earlier and failed miserably. In spite of all the "Auto Saves", if you accidentally move away from the page, you lose all you typed. **** this ****.

So. There was this database called Legends patch from 1979: Legends patch from season 1978 - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats. As a Romanian fan, I liked it for not having a maximum of 3-4 Romanian players. However, it had a lot of issues. I wrote a wall of text earlier, but yeah, since I lost it, I'll have to be short about it.

1. Players had been replaced by legends, but you could still find traces of the older version in the Information screen and in his personal history.
2. Some of the players had been placed in inappropriate teams - sometimes in their rivals' teams.
3. There were some inconsistencies regarding the names of the old communist countries such as Czechoslovakia (occasionally Czech Republic) or East Germany.
4. The European Cups had buggy squad registering which made all players ineligible as of the second round. They could be registered immediately before the match.
5. The preliminary rounds of the European Cups (which are in their 70s format) were buggy as well in that there was no sense of seeding, so they would invariably feature the same 2-4 teams. Most annoyingly, you'd constantly have Athletic Bilbao playing Juventus in the Champions League's Preliminary Round.
6. Romania only had a top division, no second division, no cup, no super cup.

I decided to fix some of the non-Romanian issues and add more Romanian players. After one month, these are the results:

1. Legendary players have consistent names and play for teams they historically played for. Some of the choices were made based on years spent there or simply on balance.
2. All of the new players start with 20 loyalty and with their current club as their favorite. This is to avoid having your teams fall apart as soon as other teams start demanding for your player.
3. Their ability and potential is mostly based on my random opinion of them. Some players are considerably better than others, but most have 160-170. The highest-rated players are Hagi and Duckadam, the latter to avoid having him be terrible even though he had been heroic in Steaua's Champions Cup final.
4. Some players have specific stats maxed out to 20, based on what I could find in books or articles. If someone praised a specific player for dribbling, he would have 20 dribbling. The few captains that I did bother to look up start with 20 Influence. Likewise, Duckadam has 20 in whatever stats I found relevant for penalty saving. Upon testing him, I can confirm that he does save penalties quite well.
5. Whatever non-players still had player career stats have also been added. This does have the opposite effect of greatly diminishing the number of staff members, but it allows most teams to have a decent number of players.
6. Romania now has 128 teams divided in six divisions. Historically, the lower divisions should have been divided, but I have been unable to make it work. Liga I has 16 teams, Liga II-V have 22 teams, Liga VI has 24 teams. Not all teams have players, but the top division and most of the second league have legendary players.
7. Romania also has a domestic cup. I haven't been able to mimic a proper seeding system, so in order to avoid having lower league teams skip stages instead of top division teams, everyone starts at the same time.
8. There is prize money involved in the league and the cup (as well as continental competitions). This is my personal option in order to afford to keep the legendary players in the teams, but you are free to remove this option.
9. I have also added the Mitropa Cup, formerly known as the Central European Cup. This features the top 4 teams from 8 countries (Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia and Romania), first in a Group Stage, then in knockout rounds, ending around New Years'. By "top 4 teams", I actually mean the top 4 teams who haven't qualified for any other continental competition. However, if you happen to win the title and the Champions League, you will end up participating in the Mitropa Cup as well, since the Champions League qualifies you as holders, not as champions.
10. I have also revived some extinct teams - both recent and very old. Among the latter, you have Venus Bucuresti, Ripensia Timisoara, Chinezul Timisoara, Olympia Bucuresti, Unirea Tricolor Bucuresti and Clubul Atletic Oradea (who also won the Hungarian title as Nagyvaradi AC). The communist regime-favored teams of Victoria Bucuresti and FC Olt Scornicesti have also been revived. These teams have a varying number of players and their positions are adapted to the WM tactic that is posted in one of the older games' downloads page. Mind you, this tactic doesn't work too well, but it's a good way to keep the many attackers happy. On the other hand, using 3-defender tactics is recommended, since there weren't that many defenders back when these teams played.
11. All teams that are in the league have logos - note that I am using a particular logo pack, so you might have to bear with it at least when using the Romanian league. Yes, I am fully aware that these logos are of different quality, but I could only do so much with Google.
12. I am currently working on adding faces for all players. Not all of them will have a face, since I can't always find images on Google - not even team images, in some cases.

I will be posting my current databases today. Please do note that yes, I will still have to fix them. I am doing a test playthrough in order to check for any oddities and to see which teams need more players to keep them balanced. And yes, I did misspell one name for sure (UTA's Adalbert Fall is, in fact, Adalbert Pal/Pall), but if anyone notices any mistakes, please notify me.

And now, for images. I will be adding more soon enough. Please don't ask me for a full list of players - there's a huge lot of them. Also, please note that the teams in the screenshots also have automatically generated players in order to round out the squads. Rule of the thumb - legendary players cost between 500k-4M, although there is the occasional player who costs around 350k. At any rate, automatic players are under 100k.

View attachment 310886
Steaua Bucuresti

View attachment 310889
Romanian top division

View attachment 310891
UTA Arad (this one has player faces for almost all players)

View attachment 310892
Mitropa Cup (due to some skin incompatibility, the small flags for the "new" nations are replaced by the default ones. This doesn't happen in the basic dark skin)

View attachment 310895
Venus Bucuresti

View attachment 310896
Unirea Tricolor

View attachment 310897

View attachment 310898
Poli Timisoara

View attachment 310899
FC Olt

View attachment 310900
Victoria Bucuresti

View attachment 310901
Mircea Sandu

View attachment 310902
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Hi this looks great, do you have a link to the database? What team is Hagi at? Loved him as a player!
It's still being added, apparently. I posted it an hour or so after starting the thread, but it hasn't been approved yet. Either way, I'm currently fixing what was wrong, including Victoria Bucuresti having only one reliable defender, which made them lose matches on a constant basis.

Hagi is at Farul Constanta, his first team, but is set to move to Sportul Studentesc at the end of the first season. I'm still hesitating though - he might end up moving from Sportul to Steaua in a later version. Thing is, Steaua already has a good number of players in his position and this causes a lot of competition (since all of them want their share of the action).

Either way, if this doesn't get uploaded officially, I'll just post the mediafire links here. Since I'm still cleaning it up, this won't happen that soon.

Also, does anyone know how to re-add the European Super Cup?
And here's the Mediafire link, at last: Romanian Legends (contains 1979 dbcs)(2).rar
This archive contains all the database files from the aforementioned patch I based my work on. However, some of them have been modified:
all European Cups_FM1221.dbc
ROMANIA v.1.11.dbc
My intention was to make all of the aforementioned leagues be selectable, but, for whatever reason, only the Czechoslovakian league works if all of them are selected. However, if you want to use the Romanian league, you must only use all "European Cups_FM1221.dbc" and "ROMANIA v.1.11.dbc" - you may use all the other databases in the archive as well. If you want to use Czechoslovakia, the USSR, East and West Germany and Yugoslavia, there might be a solution.

To use them, you must use the Editor, open each one of their databases, then use the Merge option and select ROMANIA v.1.11.dbc. I'd've done it myself, but each of them have several hundreds of thousands of changes, which makes loading them and merging them take an insane amount of time. I will get around to doing it, but, at least, this is the final version of the Romanian Legends database. You may safely play it.

If someone manages to test whether merging does anything in this case, please tell me.

Also, in addition to the Mitropa Cup, I've also re-added the Balkans Club Cup. Please enjoy!
Welp, tested it some more. Fortunately, I had made a different save once I started moving all players and clubs to the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, so there is a way to use all of these leagues along with the Romanian one without having to merge the databases (which, at least on my computer, always leads to the Editor crashing). That being said, I'll have to make more fixes: for instance, Sportul Studentesc's Gino Iorgulescu seems to be stuck with low stats, which is likely due to my replacing the phony one added by the Greek fellow with the actual staff member, while forgetting to put actual ability and potential. Also, I put Ripensia and Venus in the Mitropa Cup and the Balkan Cup, but I had forgotten that a considerable number of players were under 16, which makes them ineligible for these cups. In addition, I forgot to allow any foreigners in these two cups and - wouldn't you know it - Ripensia and Venus happen to have foreigners. Therefore, there will be another update in a few days. This will be the last update for a while, as I think I'll get back to playing the vanilla game. I can only start the same season with the same teams so often.

Edit: Mind you, it seems that - due to my merging the later database with the Soviet, Yugoslavian and Czechoslovakian databases, the migration remains even if you use the older version of the Romanian database.
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I love this, but I would very much be interested in a version only with the Romanian players and leagues to be changed so i can play with them in today's environment. I woul very much appreciate if you can do this ;)
I might try to do so, but I'll probably have to arm myself with dozens of screenshots, since many of these players required immense amounts of research - some barely have info about them on the internet. Still, I guess there should be a vanilla version by summer.

That, or I'll release them team-by-team at first, then the rest.
But you already have the players in there and I don't really care about having their pictures. I was saying having the teams and players from Romania as they are now in this database file, but remove other countries modifications (no USSR etc, just the normal players from today's Europe).

Basically, just romanian legends, players and teams. The rest as it is in the original SI database ;) I would love playing so :D The problem now is that even if I load only the romanian file it still has country modifications (USSR, east and west germany etc) and I can't load those countries properly :(
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That's the thing: I kinda goofed, since I merged too many databases and didn't keep backups.

Besides, many of the players in this version were abusive replacements made by the previous author. The new version either uses the proper staff members or simply adds new players, while removing the main issue that was having empty squads before adding legends. That, and the new version also has proper player histories for all of them. And, well, are better-balanced, I hope. Please give the new one a try - it'll be better than this one.