Ronaldo secures PFA awards double

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Aug 23, 2006
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Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo is named Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year by his peers.

Awesome result for ronaldo and manutd the whole back four 3 mids and the keeper are all man utd players what a result. Dont think van der sar deserves it mind you but hey
Big Darren Moore in Championship team of the year, to quote the tod "PFA five?"

Ronaldo deserved both and I'm glad he got them.
Wooop I'm delighted for him, he deserves them both. Team of the Year says it all about us as well this season :D Votes probably started a couple of weeks ago, thats why Edwin is there-maybe David James could have been it but oh well. Good to see Berbatov in there as well.

I :wub: Ronaldo
No Carragher in team of the year? He's been far better than Vidic, Bellamy made him look worse than Biscan.
You got a point about Carragher..maybe ahead of neville...or maybe not :D That game against you was one of the very few games Vidic had a bad game in (yet we still kept a clean sheet :p), he's been awesome by a mile this season, probably better than Rio who has still been immense. As a partnership they pwn and thats probably why they got the vote.
He was good up untill that point of the season and then just played really bad. Then got injured (pwnage).

But yeh the partenership thing kinda makes sense.
Yeh Vidic started off well but I he was terrible for most of the season. He constantly made little mistakes and I also hate him for being a little *** every time he gets touched.

But well done to Ronaldo and to all the players that got into the Team of the Year :D
:eek: wtf?! It was at the start of the season he was worst when he'd give the ball away cheaply or whatever, since then he's been a rock!!!
Vidic has done well but the performance that sticks out the most is where Bellamy had him in his back pocket. Then again the only reason Bellamy gave him problems is because Vidic is slow, he never out-skilled him, just out-paced. Either way I'd of still put Carragher in ahead of him, regardless of partnership.
Thank god Berbatov was in there. If he wasnt i would have been outraged. Think there is a good few keepers who have had a better season than VDS though like James and Friedal has been amazing
The only bad thing about Berbatov is that a lot of the time he looks lazy when his players are getting into a crossing position and he is just strolling towards the box. Though I suppose they always know there's going to be someone to get any balls that fall to the edge of the box.
Get innnnn :D cant complain with any of them he deserved them both and all the players in the team of year prob should be there maybe carra though, but Rio and Vidic together when fit have pwned :p
Neville and Van Der Sar shouldn't have been in,

I would of put hannehman (Reading Keeper) and Carragher in ahead of them two.
Finnan should of been in ahead of Neville, not Carragher.

I still don't understand how the entire United back 5 got in even they don't have the best defensive record.
probably because only Liverpool's and Chelsea's has been better, yet has been changed more often than ours, so players week in wek out have found that the hardest defence they've come up against, even if people like Carragher have been great individually.
Neville and Van Der Sar shouldn't have been in,

I would of put hannehman (Reading Keeper) and Carragher in ahead of them two.

Neville has had a good season. Only reason he might have missed out is because he hasn't played that many games. But still, when he has played he has been excellent :)

hahahaha hannehman is the worst keeper in the league. :thud:

Van der Sar hasn't had the best of seasons. I'm sure Cech would have been there if he didn't get that injury.
i dont think evra should have got in..would have had matty taylor frm pompey in at left back...neville should of being swapped for micah richards and pepe reina in ahead of van der sar. other than that i cant see much wrong even if it is full of manc scum :( ronaldo deserved 2 awards!
Hasn't Taylor been playing on the wing though? Richard's hasn't done anything to stand out more than Neville has either. I do think James should of been ahead of Van Der Sar though, Reina maybe.
finnan should be in at right back , way too utd biased that team