Oct 27, 2009
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Im at Man Utd in the first season. using the Il Devasto tactic.So far Rooney has hit 12 in 6 games.Now while I have rested him for league and europe matches no one else seems to be able to compare.No other striker has managed to score more goals than they have played games.So I was wondering are there any players who play like Rooney because he seems to be the complete package in front of goal.Using LFC marshall update.
I have signed a few youth prospects.
Wickham according to Genie scout is currently the best future England Striker.
Sanago kinda explains itself
Also Miguel Medina seems to be sorta tooted.
Obviously there will be regens but im looking to the future because I want this to be my long save and I know there will be regens but Rooney wont be at the club forever.
So what should I be looking for in a Rooney type striker if I go looking in the future.
Have a look at Abel Hernandez? and the only other I can think of Like Rooney is Robin Van Persie.
Aguero is a Trequarista (sp).
Aguero is a Trequarista (sp).

No he isn't. Aguero is a deep-lying forward and one of the best in the game at that. Would be the perfect replacement for Rooney.
Ezquiel Lavezzi
Mauro Zarate and Cavani are the two most similar I can think of in terms of style, along with Tevez. Lavezzi too. Aguero is better than all of these but he's a different type of player IMO.
What role is Rooney currently? Poacher, Complete Forward ect?
your two best choices are definitely aguero or cavani, and neither are cheap. aguero 39 million, cavani 27 millon
But he scores loads of goals , nuff for me , and he always plays incredible well ,