Roy Keane reportedly sacked by Ipswich


Jul 23, 2010
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Roy Keane's stint as Ipswich manager appears to be over after reports claimed he had been sacked.

Keane has been in charge of the Tractor Boys for 20 months, however his side have slumped to 19th in the Championship after seven defeats in nine games.

And Saturday's 1-0 home reverse to Nottingham Forest appears to have been the last straw for owner Marcus Evans.
Former Manchester United midfielder Keane had been given £8million in an attempt to turn Ipswich into promotion contenders this season and despite a promising start, the gamble failed to pay off.

And after just 28 wins from his 81 games in charge, reports have claimed Keane was dismissed on Thursday night.,19528,11707_6639032,00.html

Managers are dropping like flies right now. :S
ahh, proberly for the best. He would have got some stick at the Bridge on Sunday lol.
theres only 1 Keano! i wont belive till the bbc sport fella says so in probably like 4 dayz time lol

shame though thought he was doing a little betta nowdayz,oh well **** happens :p
Probably wanked the owner's dog
aww, was really looking forward to the reception he was going to get if he managed to play Arsenal
Looks like Paul Jewell might be taking over there.
Just seen it on BBC, looks like Jewell will be the new manager before the Chelsea game, not a bad appointment if they do, but he did a wank job at Derby.
It was coming since the start of last season really, they were **** then and they're still **** now :S
Can’t say it isn’t justified, spent big with no avail. He was given more time than Evans gave Magilton and Magilton did a fair job.
Can’t say it isn’t justified, spent big with no avail. He was given more time than Evans gave Magilton and Magilton did a fair job.

I watched them play QPR under Magilton and passed Rangers off the park with amazing movement and talent, I always thought, improve the defence and they would get promoted. then i watched them lose 3-0 to Rangers at Portman road this year, and they looked shocking, No movement, No Ambition and still the same ****** defence.
I just don't think he will ever become a good manager. He is far too inflexible in his thinking and can be a bit of a stubborn baby at times.
He was a magnificent player but as we have seen with Bryan Robson, great players don't automatically make great managers.
There are stupid tabloid rumours doing the rounds about him replacing Trap as Ireland manager :S
Let's hope I die before that happens.
Ipswich should be top half challenging for the play offs so not surprising hes been sacked
The bloke is just too aggro to be a manager. Loses his rag over just about anything and you always get the feeling he is one wrong word away from kicking someones head in. Personally i like his honesty but he just needs to calm the anger down, im not sure he can though.