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Royal Antwerp - The Revival


Nov 16, 2013
Royal Antwerp - The Revival

I have tried a few stories in the past but none have really been great, and they haven't really interested me, so I thought I'd move into a fresh story and travel to Belgium, to Antwerp.

I have played as Antwerp before in FM15 and I played for two seasons but in that save I was testing the editor and etc and it wasn't fun, so I have decided to go back to them and see how I do without cheats. So where do we start.

Royal Antwerp

Royal Antwerp are a club playing in the Belgian Second Division or the Proximus League as it is now known as. Despite being one of Belgium's best-supported clubs, Antwerp have been under-achievers for several years. They have not won a league title since 1957, and have spent several seasons in the second division. They were last promoted to the top flight in 2000, only to be relegated in short order in 2004.

Interestingly Royal Antwerp have along term partnership with Manchester United, often taking their young players so their development can be adided with first team football. Some of these players include Ryan Shawcross, Jonny Evans, Sylvian Ebanks Blake and Danny Simpson. Also many Man Utd players go to play for Antwerp because of Belgium's relaxed laws on work permits. Futhermore current Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal used to play for Antwerp.


Belgian First Division
(Jupiler Pro League):

Champions (4) : 1928/29, 1930/31, 1943/44, 1956/57

Belgian Second Divison
(Proximus League):

Champions (1) : 1999/2000

Belgian Cup
(Confidis Cup):

Champions (2) : 1954/55, 1991/92

Also Antwerp came runners up in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup in 1993 after a loss to Parma in the final. The CWC was a cup (for those who weren't around when it was around - 1960 - 1999) held annually where the most recent winners of all European domestic cup competitions fought it out for supremacy. The most recent winners are Italian club Lazio in 1999.


The Bosuilstadion, the official stadium of Royal Antwerp.
Capacity: 16649

The facilities are pretty poor especially the youth facilities. The youth recruitment and the facilities will obviously have to be a priority as I would really like some good Belgian regens and for them to be able to develop to their full potential.



Only two goalkeepers which is a bit concerning, we did have three but the other one was very bad so I demoted him to the U21's and put him up for loan and transfer. Frank Boeckx will obviously start but I will be giving Jordy Huysmans a chance as he is only 18 years young.


A bad area for us, we don't have much cover in any areas any when we do the players are just rubbish, it's a bit concerning but it's something to think about when I head into the transfer market with my great big budget of £0.


We have some very good attackers but the central midfield is terrible, with Joren Dom being the only good player in that position, and even he is terrible. This is another valuable insight for the future.


We have a alright sole striker but the backup isn't very good as Seid is a winger and the other one is relatively new and relatively ****.

Key Players

1. Seid Khiter - Winger

Khiter is a very good player for this level. On my previous save this guy was the best player on the pitch almost every time. He's pretty old but he can do the damage and that's all that I'm fussed about.

2. Emrullah Guvenc - Attacking Midfielder

Emrullah is the player most people want as a attacking midfielder. He has pretty balanced stats and has quite a lot of time left on his hands, he shall be key in out promotion push.

3. Umberto dos Santos Carvalho - Defensive/attacking Midfielder

This boy has probably the least Belgian name in the history of Belgian names but he has a lot of potential at the age of 20. He is very versitile and he will fit in my first team nicely.


This is my main tactic with the whole monty of positions ie: wingers, a defensive midfielder, attacking midfielders and strikers. So in hindsight this is a balanced but attacking tactic aimed to catch the team out. It's a conservative but liberal tactic.

This is the attacking tactic. Three strikers to do damage. I would use this tactic on open defences and weaker teams as when it works it's capable to destroy any team! :D

Looking forward to the season, we are predicted third in this league but I think we should be able to get promoted in the first season and I've also told the board the same thing, call me optimistic. I'm starting with the recommended badges and coaching which is a continental B license and national footballing.

That's it for now, thanks for reading.
I intend to make this save long term.
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Apr 6, 2013
Nice! Khiter looks decent. I have always wanted to give Belgium a go but never have for some reason. Good luck, will be following this.


Nov 16, 2013
Pre - Season
Pre - season dawned and it brought up a few interesting results and information about the team, strengths and weaknesses

The Games

In some games my team really impressed me noticeably scoring six goals in two friendlies, although they weren't against the strongest opposition, a result is a result and also we scored in every game.

Now the negatives... hmm. I bet you're looking at the Sion game and going "what the f***" and that was my reaction too! We were terrible, abysmal, I don't know what to say! Atlanta was a tough game. We got a player sent off early in the second half and that really killed the game.



Some good aquisitions here, although they cost us nothing, we made some good buys at the expense of our OUT list which you will see in a minute.

Douglas Maia - Free - Midfielder

A very good player for our level, I'm shocked we could afford his wages but luckily we got rid of someone before we got him and that meant we could get Dougie. Dougie is a very good player who we need in the central midfield and even defensive midfield.

Andreas Pereira - Man Utd (loan) - Midfielder

A good winger and all round midfielder who will probably start most matches, he was suggested when Man Utd gave us the list of players we could loan out, I like the look of him and it goes with Man Utd policy to loan out players to us.

Aloys Nong - Free - Striker

He is better than what we have already got and he was free, which is a bonus. He is pretty old but I don't reckon we will need him for five or so seasons so this is another good aquisition.

Daouda Fofana - Free - Defender

He has some good physical stats and he is better than a lot of my defenders so this is another good player. Also we lacked real depth in this area and with Daouda that problem is solved!


I've just got rid of the dead wood really. These are bad players who needed to go. It's nice we even got money for one of them, however small that amount may be.

Thanks again, see you in the next

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Nov 16, 2013
First Game of the Season

Royal Antwerp vs Woluwe-Zaventem



I think we can win this game especially with the quality in our side, I can't see much difficulty overcoming a 'weak' Zaventem side, Nong, Maia and Pereira start after some amazing performances in the friendlies. Hopefully all goes well especially because it's a home game.

The Game

0 Minute : And we kick of here at the Bosuilstadion, ready for the first game of the season... wait Pereira has hit the POST! Amazing start for the youngster but unluckily not the amazing start for Antwerp.

3 Minute: Antwerp have got a corner now, they have started the game rather brightly. Gertjan Marten is the one to take it, he passes it short to Khiter who dribble past one, past two... GOAL! Amazing piece of skill from Seid Khiter. Antwerp are in dreamland.


17 Minute: Zaventem have a chance now, Lorenzum is on a great run, he shoots from distance and... MISSES, that was a wild shot, Antwerp got off lucky with a poor shot there.

32 Minute: Marten takes the corner and whipes it into Douglas Maia, who takes a shot and... MISSES, so close there for Antwerp and a debut goal.

45 Minute/HT: Pretty bland first half from both teams, Antwerp started brihtly but from then, the game has just tailed off and it's been a pretty boring game so far.

46 Minute: Zaventem have the ball, Gustin is running down the centre, he completes a might through-ball to Van Den Heuvel, the striker who runs past all the defenders but he still has the goalie to beat... SAVED, the keeper saves it and it goes behind for a corner.

50 Minute: Some lovely passing play by Antwerp here, from the back to midfield and they are toying with the defence, it's so easy Douglas Maia passes it to Pereira on the wing who crosses it to Khiter... MISSES, and the header has gone over the bar!

62 Minute: Zaventem have a free kick here with Nehemie Muzembo taking, he kicks it in... but it's a tame shot, straight to the goalie. But Antwerp can break now, Khiter has it now. Three Antwerp Players vs two Zaventem players, Khiter passes it out wide to Joren Dom, the substitute who shoots... POST! Two posts have been hit by Antwerp now!

73 Minute: Zaventem are really besieging the Antwerp goal but the defence doesn't look like it's going to make a mistake.

83 Minute: I have spoke too soon... Mael Lepicier has been SENT OFF by the referee, Antwerp are down to ten men!

89 Minute: Nong has the ball for Antwerp, he makes a through-pass to Khiter who... MISSES, terrible shot by Seid Khiter!

94 minute/FT: And it's full time in a nervy game of football especially for The Great Old (Antwerp) and their fans, we have seen the post hit twice and a red card in the first match, is this a fore-shadowing of the season to come?

We dominated the game and we should have won by more, simple as that really, my defence and my goalkeeper was solid except from Lepicier.

Man of the Match
Gertjan Martens - Defender

Gertjam got a assist and as a right back he defended whilst getting forward aswell, he takes our free kicks and corners so he is always being offensive somewhere, not in that way!

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