Ruddy ****! It's Harry and Paul


Jan 21, 2006
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I cannot wait for this, I remember watchin Harry Enfield & Chums when I was a kid growin up.

Both of them are genius together!!
Yeh saw an advert for it last night. I hope it's good. :wub:
me too, am lookin forward to it :D Friday nite on BBC1 should be good, hignfy is on before it
i remember that aswell was class...haha remember Kevin and Perry
what a great day Friday will be, Peep Show and Harry Enfield
Was Julio Georgio (the guy who played for Newcastle) on Harry Enfield and Chums? Or was that from the Fast Show?

*edit* That Association Football was hilarious. Never seen that before.

*edit2* This was one of my faves.

*edit3* Julio Geordio was from chums. Link.
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Well, I loled quite a few times watchin this. The first two sketches with that foreign football manager and then the american couple i thought were class. Overall I say it was pretty good, one or two things I didnt laugh it but then again spose its hard to match what the two of them have already done!!
wasnt on in scotland, was out anyway

missed peep show :mad:
Gregor, it's on ScT. :wub:
If anyone missed it like I did :( then you can watch it on Monday 16th at 10:00pm on BBC2.
I nearly forgot but I watched the repeat last night, the first sketch about Jose Arrogantio was good, the only one I didn't really like was the surgeons. It was great to see these two back on television together though.