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May 17, 2012
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Ok guys I'm back with the same idea. I apologize for what happened but it wasn't under my control.

Will select a few teams that are under performing in real life (or in the previous season) but this time I'll start from the beginning of the season.

The idea is still the same and I have to stay in the same club at least for 2 seasons (hopefully, with this, I can make a long term save).

The explanation for the teams selected is:
  • Benfica - My beloved club that, after win the title in 2010, was exceeded by Porto in the following seasons (except this one of course);
  • Liverpool - Too much time without a consistent success;
  • QPR - With some good transfers, they totally underperformed this year;
  • Newcastle- Same as above;
  • Bilbao - After a successful season, this year was a disaster, comparing with the last one.
Thanks for reading and your votes :)
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I chose QPR as I did a story with them and played 8 seasons (which is a record for me) just a few months ago! I loved it!

i'd say Liverpool - think all the parts are there and just a few tweaks are needed to make them a really strong team again.

other than that, i'd say Arsenal would be a team that also needed turning around. Trophyless for 8 seasons!!
Thanks guys, truly appreciate your feedback! :)
i vote for QPR. although newcastle seems interesting as well.
I voted for Bilbao, they are so fun to play with, had amazing save in FM 2012, could start another one soon as my exams are over. Wish you luck...
Thanks guys for taking your time to "helping" me! :)
My vote is for Bilbao as they are the team im with at the moment, lots of youth prospects plus the Basque only means youth is key and alongterm save is needed as you proberbly wont beat Barca or Real for a few seasons (unless ur name is Aitor!);)
The poll is closed and the result is... Bilbao!

Benfica, my beloved team, have a decisive game at 8 p.m. So, accordingly to result and the mood after the game, probably I'll start the save after that.

Thanks for your votes guys. Really hope that story accomplish your expectations!
After a nearly successful season in Bilbao, with losses in both finals and nearly the qualifying to Champions League, the Charmain of Bilbao decided that it was time for a change and a new and more stable project. Also, "el loco" Bielsa decided to take a break, recover and stud a bit to understand how he lost the 2 finals and the Champions League football.

The press didn't lost time to appoint new managers to the vacant job. Rafa Benitez or Ernesto Valverd were some names thrown away...

View attachment 336599View attachment 336600

But, as with Bielsa, Josu Urrutia takes everyone with surprise and he decides to contact Rui Faria.

The young Portuguese manager is considered by Jose Mourinho as the "second best Portuguese manager" and his natural successor and he even not managed any team yet!

After some reunions, complicated stuff and things Faria finally give a positive answer. Mourinho wish all the luck to his former co-worker - besides the games against Madrid of course.

Without losing time, Urrutia and Faria signed the contract and flew back to Basque country and called a press conference...

In the press conference many things were known about the details of this surprise announcement. He's very pleased to manage in such a charismatic place like "Catedral of San Mamés" and manage a team with some of the most passionate supporters in the world!

The contract is of 1 year and Faria as to develop players from the youth system and play offensive football.

This was no problem for Portuguese manager. He said that he want his team to play positive football, to focus on opposite goalie but, like he was taught by his mentor, have a strong defensive phase. About the youth and the resources available, Faria said that he was pleased with some talents and the conditions which are given to work with. Although he has only a year contract, Rui showed believe in himself and said that he has long term plans to the club, implying some large changes in structure, in order to provide much success as he can. He also said that he is sure about the trophies that he will bring to San Mamés, taking more or less time. The "Leonenses" face fierce rivals but with work, determination and passion anything is possible!

Like his mentor, the Portuguese ensure the players and the fans that he'll make the players evolve, they will work hard and the team will play for results of course but, essentially, to the fans!

The players will have total confidence to talk to new manager, whatever the issue is. But they have to show that they deserve this total support!

Rui also tell that he was satisfied with this job work and was time to leave Mourinho and have his own managerial career.

The goals for this first season is reach the highest possible in La Liga, do well in Copa del Rey and go until the last stages of Europe League.

Here's the staff changes (will add players transfers later, if anyone comes in or gets out):

View attachment 336608

In order to stimulate the interaction with the fans, Bilbao staff have announced that Rui Faria will answer to questions made by fans (please feel free to ask what you want guys. I'll try to make it like an interview :))

In this first phase, until august, I'll do more regular updates. But, thereafter, I'm gonna make monthly updates.

Let me know what is your opinions. I know that it isn't much interesting things but I try to make it interesting and nice to follow :)

Good choice with Bilbao. Will be following this to see how you get on.
Be interested to see how u get on. How do you set up a poll? Cheers
@Streaky25, thanks for your interest mate. When you start a new thread, in the final part, there's a option to start a poll. There you can put your options and what do you want to your poll :)

Update coming soon, will post a sort of interview to "MARCA". You can put your question too, to Faria answer ahah :)

Ok, after try to "clean" up the house, evaluating the staff available, Faria decided to hold a meeting with the team, to introduce himself:
View attachment 336872

This proved to be a nice idea, with the generality of the players happy and motivated with this idea. This meeting is an essential part of Faria method's, trying to communicate with all the lads. More meetings are expected through the course of the season.

In a blink of an eye, the first competitive games arrived. All the games were faced as they were in pre-season, including the Europe League games. They meant to give minutes to all the squad and see which are the better options. This were the results:
View attachment 336877View attachment 336878View attachment 336879

Nice games, with all the lads applying for one place in the team. Nice to see that there wasn't any defeats or injuries through this time and Faria have all the players at his disposal. It's always good in pre-season.

Next update will be an interview to MARCA and the other will be when finish the 5 games of August (including Europe League)

Cheers and let me know which are your thoughts :)
View attachment 336888View attachment 336887

In a long interview, Faria talked about many things, warning that there will be not much interviews similar to this one.

The interview started with Faria talking about how he see tactics and how he wants to play, accordingly to his team. He said that will always be a question of adapt the tactic to the players and never tho opposite. He reveals that he want to play with a 4-2-3-1 in Bilbao, with all the players in constant working. That's the most important thing, there's no stars or space to individualities. Of course, with a player like Muniain in the squad, it's important to give him confidence and support to give his best towards the team. But he has to work too. He won't losing time to put a player in the bench if he doesn't correspond on the pitch to what it's asked. Team must be an unit, with the global being superior than the individual.

Faria also said that all the moments in the game are important but, in his opinion, a team must be developed starting from the back, with strong defensive process. Therefor, he rather prefers winning 5 times by 1-0 rather than winning by 4-3 or 3-2. Thats for hockey, not in football.

Talking about tactics, the conversation ended up in Mourinho. Faria said that he was a tremendous influence in his way to see football, about how to manage a locker room, how to deal to press, etc. He can only be grateful about the time spent with Mourinho, the best of all times accordingly to Faria, since the early days in Portugal. Rui also revealed that Mourinho wish him all the luck, except when Bilbao plays with Madrid (laughs).

About his thoughts on how far can Bilbao go in this season and afterwards, Faria smiled. He explianed that, with the charismatic stadium and fans, Bilbao can achieve many good things. He also said that, with humility and determination, any team can achieve many things that seems impossible. The quality of players is there, they have a great manager. So, with all these good things, Bilbao only can make good things and bring many trophy to Basque Country to make the people even more satisfied.

And what about the other teams? Faria explained that the team doesn't have fear of any of them but, as it's easy to understand, Bilbao will respect a lot each opponent like it was an important final. But Bilbao will be respected too, specially at home, he said.

And what about him? Which projects he has? Faria said that the most important thing to him is enjoy the footie, the familiarity in locker room, etc. But, as every man in Football wants, he wants to win as much as he can. He talked about his dream to manage in England, due to the passion of fans, the way Football is seen, etc. He also said that he's sure about winning Champions League, at least one time.

Finally, Faria assured the fans (and the team...) that he's 110% committed to this project and expects everyone to give their best regarding the team, without promising any trophy but only work to achieve the success.

Expect that everyone like this idea. This is a mix between real opinions and my ideas (Jukilo ahah) about Football. If you have any questions that you like Faria to answer just tell me and I'll put in a some kind of interview :)


Here I come with the first month played. Nice performances from the lads. Although there was some conceded goals the team, in general, performed good with the other teams taken the only chances they've got. Here's the table and the fixtures:

View attachment 337042View attachment 337043

Wish that the League ended right now ahah.

Now, the games in more detail:

View attachment 337044

Nice performance by the boys!

View attachment 337045

In the Europe League, specially ahead of a derby, the idea is give time to youngsters and second choices. This was the case with nice result.

View attachment 337046

We take our chances here and it was a good performance. Maybe because it was a derby, Osasuna gave a good replica. They deserved their goal. Nice result in Faria's first derby!

View attachment 337047

Again, this Europe League match, was used to give some match time to second choices without forgetting our responsibility! Nice to see Toquero scores and enjoy his chance.

View attachment 337048

After going 1-0 down, Ibai responds with a tremendous free-kick to make the equalizer. After that Valladolid didn't manage to get back in the game. Nice way to end this set of results.


View attachment 337049

6 goals in 6 appearances makes him the player of the month. Muniain and others did play well too.

Ok, that's it for now. Let me know what you're thinking. Hope you enjoy it :)


Ok guys, here's the new results in Faria's campaign as well the league table and the players performance:

View attachment 337560View attachment 337561View attachment 337566View attachment 337567

Some nice results! The team has performed the way I like it. Determined, focused with some nice individual performances. Laporte is a beast! Here goes the defeats that we've already:

View attachment 337562View attachment 337563View attachment 337564View attachment 337565

Against Eibar it was an awful performance. Even with the less used player, there's no excuse for that performance. Luckily we've won comfortably at home; against Espanyol the team never got into the game, even with the subs made; against Madrid, even with 3-2, Madrid totally outplayed us. We've some lucky out there; and with Valencia... they were simply better than us. Guess that we cannot always win!

And this is, until now, the result of the season:

View attachment 337568

The way the league was before this game, this was a capital game for us because it allowed us to stay on top. The lads were brilliant in this game, mainly in defensive part. When you go to Camp Nou, being an underdog, that's what you can expect.

And that's it for now guys.


Ok guys. Here I am with more results and evolution of Faria's work. Here's the results and league table:

View attachment 339134View attachment 339135View attachment 339136

I would never think that we could be that higher in table and such a few goals conceded, even if we are the second better defence. If we don't have some stupid results and the things would go even better. But Faria couldn't complain that much. Excellent performances by the lads!

The only disappointment was in Copa del Rey. In the first match, away, we have more than opportunities to ensure a calm second match. In the home game, they took every chance they have. We miss some opportunities that, at this level, are unmissable. Anyway, we'll coming back next year.

What you think about all of this? Do you have any specific question? I'm thinking in doing a some kind of interview therefore, if you have any question, just tell me.

Cheers for following :)