Rule Britannia


Sep 17, 2005
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Ok So i had this idea see :rolleyes:

A little challenge for anybody who wants to take part.

You have to win the top league in every league in Britain.

The way i think this should be done is Starting at N.Ireland and then make your way from there.

Im going to start it myself if anybody else wants to give it a go Let me know, It's not a competition..Just for Fun sake's because i know some people cant even load two league's on there pc..*Looks at Taylor's*.

I done this last year set myself a big challenge in going Hornchurch and getting them to the epl :D. Gave up at league one.

I Will start this challenge off with Glentoran.
hmm Maybe im the only one with great idea's :D Well i won the league with Glentoran then went for the Barry Town job woopa.
I might give it a go sometime, but I have to admit that I have hardly been on FM 2006. Been too busy on GTA, PES5 and Res 4 :D
I thought they closed down ???

They copied me:mad:
how come they posted it 15 days before you did?
1. Im not a member of there forums
2. I thought the site shut down
3. There all going Linfield (where is the fun in that)