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Mar 6, 2009

As you might have noticed, we have divided the section into different parts this year.

Wanting to start a new thread or not finding what you are looking for ? Well the please have a look in the Tactics & Training Bible FM13 thread or use the search function as you might find that there is already a thread on the subject.

The Tactic & Training Section
Here, we keep all threads containing uploaded tactics. If wanting to start a thread to share your fantastic tactic, please remember to provide information enough for anybody to actually benefit from the thread. Apart from the uploaded tactic, the thread needs to contain information regarding the formation, the roles, player requirements, the results and at least some reasoning behind the setup. Threads without sufficient information risk to get closed
Have a look at these threads for some inspiration for templates

This is also the part of the forum where you find the " I have a small question" thread. So instead of starting a new thread asking a small question whee the answer is not up for discussion, this is the place to post

What Tactic Should I Use on FM 2013?

Here you can get advice on what tactic to use for your team or set of players. As always, the more information you provide, the better the help you will get. Threads simply asking "what the best tactic" will get closed.

Football Manager 2013 Tactical Discussion

Here we keep the more in-depth discussion regarding Tactics & Training in FM13. If you are looking for emulations, guides or just want to get a discussion going on a subject close to heart, this is the place to be

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