Jul 8, 2016
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Who do you prefer and why?

In my career I'm in november 2019 and I have Rulli and Scuffet.
Ter Stegen is at Liverpool and want to leave and is very interested to join my team.
I think I can have him for around 30-40 millions. Should ask almost same wage Rulli has now.
Rulli is followed by Arsenal and I think I can sell him for much more (I guess around 60-70 + bonuses).

What would you do?
i prefer rulli all day long, he gets the best average for me from all the goalies ive tried, i feel its due to his one on ones + reflexes + agility (goalies of this combination get higher average ratings in this match engine i find)
Thanks for answering.
I decided to stay with Rulli also because the software decided that the financial management was critical and lowered to 30% transfer budget from sells.
Obviously it's not true, I find the financial control of the software done very badly, I'm always not one, ten steps beyond and I onestly don't like this kind of limits, especially when it's not needed. This happened after I bought a very strong regen for 38 millions + bonuses (max expense 46 millions with a budget of 55 millions). Total wages 14-15 millions below maximum wage limit.
Anyway I sold 3 players for a total of 75 millions and also lowered yearly wages by 7.5 millions per year.
I wanted to sell more but not with only 30%. I will wait next season to sell and buy (it's disappointing selling for 75 millions and have a transfer budget of 24).
Rulli is my second favourite GK in the game so of course i'll try to keep him if i was you

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