'Ruud is Toon target'

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****... this had me laughing

Ruud Van Nistelrooy will be a summer target for Newcastle, according to a report in the north-east.

The Newcastle Evening Chronicle - notoriously close to Toon chairman Freddy Shepherd - says the club are 'keeping tabs' on the Dutchman's situation at Old Trafford.

With Alan Shearer retiring at the end of the season, Newcastle are in the market for a top striker and van Nistelrooy certainly fits into that bracket.

AC Milan, Roma and Tottenham have already been mentioned as possible suitors for van Nistelrooy, who is currently confined to the United bench as Wayne Rooney and Louis Saha are Sir Alex Ferguson's first-choice pairing.

The Sun's back page on Wednesday was dedicated to the 'news' that Ruud's brother Ron told a bloke in a pub that he would be leaving the club at the end of the season.

Although that story is a little difficult to take seriously, there is certainly trouble afoot with van Nistelrooy, who has not started for United since that FA Cup exit to Liverpool in which his attitude was questioned.
I don't think he'll go to the toon!!

If he does go anywhere I would think that it would be on the continent maybe to Serie A!!! Doubt he'd go to a premiership club!!
Looking at that it seems they would defo need a striker or two!!

Especially with Michael Owens departure looking a bit more likely now that Gerrard has come out saying he would want him to come back!!
IF Ruud left, which i'm still of the opinion he wont, as if he would go to Newcastle. Theres about 10 other Premierhsip teams better than them, and he could go to any club in the world if he wanted. Why dont people start linking him with Bolton, or West Ham? cos they're both better than Newcastle!
firstly i dont think he will leave - or lets hope so. if he does decide to call it a day, we deffiniatley need to get another stirker that can find the goal as easy. i think that those people are defoe, shevchenko (maybe on way to chelsea) or torres. so lets hope he stays
No way would he go to Newcastle he would go to a top 4 team if he left us which I dont think he would do. Newcastle won't get Torres either.
Ruud would go to AC Milan or Real Madrid, I hope he doesn't but it looks like he's fell out with Fergie. Sitting the last 3 games on the bench is hardly squad rotation. Torres would be crazy to join Newcastle, unless they could promise him european football I doubt he'd even consider it.
Any half decent striker shouldnt consider going to Newcastle. They are an absolutely appaling club, badly run from top to bottom, with way overrated players apart from Owen, Given and Emre. Torres wouuldnt even sniff at them. And if they think Luques presence there will swing it as a bit of compratriotism, theyre sadly wrong.
As for Nistelrooy, I dont care where he goes i hate him. Granted hes a top class goalscorer, his record speaks for itself, but hes never going to win any sportsmanship awards!!
Your all idiots!


1. Newcastle are a huge club with a Wrld wide reputation,Excellent facilities and a large transfer budget
2. With the arrival of a new manager (soon) they might be Newcaslte's answer because they have the players minus 1 or 2

I think Newcastle will be right back up there next year but staying on topic what kind of a fool believe's the Newspapers i mean we got linked with Joey Barton ffs.
I don't think Ruud wil be at Man U next season. There has obvously been a bit of handbags between him and Fergie and history dictates that when that happens you're out the door e.g. Ince, Stam, Beckham, Keane etc. According to reports, Fergie has told Ruud to sign a new contract before the end of the season or go.

One thing I am sure of though is that he definitely won't be at Newcastle. Ruud will only go to a Champions League club which will leave him the choice of only three English clubs: Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal(realistically). He won't make the Liverpool switch, not many Man U players do, and I don't think he will be too welcome at Arsenal. That leaves Chelsea and if you believe the papers they are signing Tevez, Shevchenko, Ibramhivic, Eto'o and Ronaldinho in the summer.

He's more likely to go to Spain or Italy and I think Real Madrid is his preferred destination. We shall have to wait and see...

* Edit: I'd just like to point out that I never believe the papers.
Apparently Queiroz has come out today and said Ruud is staying at Utd.

Kris,reputations count for nothing today in football,Newcastle have a long way to go to get into Europe again
I personally don't think he is going anywhere. So what if he has sat on the bench for the past few games. A win is a win and obviously the coaching staff don't feel he is needed when he have the 'lethal' Saha :D

Also wasn't it last year when Ruud was "definately" going to Juventus.
It's depend on will man utd sign a better holding midfield next year or not , if they dont..don think nistelrooy will stay in man utd either . anyway..that's my personal view.
I can't see Man Utd not buying a new midfielder. We do need a player with some good quality.
Diarra from Lyon?

I'm sure those who watched the Champions League game between AC Milan and Lyon on Tuesday night would have noticed that Alex Ferguson was there. The question is, do you think he was there to watch Diarra or Gattuso? Seeing as United do need to get someone in to play the Keane role sooner or later
I reckon probably Gattuso to be honest. Diarras been linked with a lot of clubs recently, but Gattusos got the international experience that Ferguson should require. He would be a good addition to the Man Utd midfield, but whether he could be tempted to leave Milan is another thing altogether.
i reckon diarra fits the bill after watching the milan match, strong, athletic, great tackler, just what united need. I know you mean about gattuso and his experience but i think that diarra would be a more sound long term buy.