Jul 16, 2009
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Easily premiership class. I would recommend people managing any team (maybe outside the top 4) to snap this guy up from Peterborough because he is brilliant. for me he is mr. consistent and he almost never makes mistakes. has got 7.44 or over in the past 4 seasons and established himself at the heart of my defence straight away at just 20 years old.

he has got man of the match in 3 of my 4 champions league encounters so far including:

a 2-2 draw with bayern munich, where we were 2-0 down.
a 3-1 away win against Manchester City, where he got an 8.4 rating, completely nullifying the rich forward line of city.
and most recently a 1-0 away win against olympiakos.

he can cut it at the top end of european football so I recommend people to look at him, he's also pretty darn cheap.

Yea i always sign him on mine and he plays alot better than what his stats suggest. Definitely a rop buy for lower to mid prem
Screenshots? Scout report?
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He's an absolute rock in defence. I've just been promoted with Peterborough to the Premier League on my current save and he got me 11 goals in the Championship (and that wasn't with the corner glitch).

He's now worth £3mil in my game now and he's been linked with top clubs but it never seems to faze him.
can someone tell me who manages peterbourgh if grimsby get any money from the transfer ie sell on cause
Ryan bennett is best young CB grimsby ever had i didnt want him to leave us but he went to a better team,,,hope the screenshots help,,,just a rock at the back(am not leeds)
can someone tell me who manages peterbourgh if grimsby get any money from the transfer ie sell on cause

Nope no sell on clause..... But if he goes on to make an International Appearance Grimbsy get £250k
are those strikers still at peterbourgh Mclean and something-Smith?
yep he is class i bought him for burnley when i sold bikey to bolton
okay thanks Therros. Here's an update then for you.

Name: Ryan Bennett
Club: Peterborough United
D.O.B: 6th March 1990
Nationality: English
Position: Centre Back

Strengths: Aerial ability, consistency

Weaknesses: No Real weaknesses

Description: Centre-Back
Personality: Fairly professional

Suggested Roles: Central defender - cover

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y2extreme - hit the nail on the head. his stats would suggest that he's an average player, but for me he is anything but, never had him put in a bad shift, even against the top clubs.
Riisseeee - yeah he is incredible in the Championship, I've done a peterborough file and he's just unstoppable. teams like everton (who got to the semis of the Champions League on my file last year) are chasing him atm, but the lad is loyal as well, anotehr strength of his.
CAFC - Mcleans gone to hull, but mackail-smith is still there and scoring bucketloads.
am going to start one with peterboro who shud i sign peterboro fans :D
Leigh Griffiths! Absolute beast in League 1, i got him for £400k now hes worth £5m in Premier League
I might try and sign this guy in my Crewe save, if he's available for cheap.