Nov 18, 2011
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I don't think anyone even use Ryan Gauld before... If someone could get his original stats that would be very much appreciated. This is how he looks like for me when I keep subbing him in at 65 mins into the match or so and occasionally giving him start up appearance.

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Yes as you can see from his last 5 games... He is a solid player like really solid when he performs :) but his consistency is his weakness as said from my report so... He will sometimes play really well... Sometimes play really badly...

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500k to get him from dundee at the start of game :) Got him for that price on the old version and the 13.3.0 base update version as well.
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i sign him every save stick him in under 18s get him tutored play odd cup game hes devolped okay in first 6months :) Kadu from FC Porto is another 1 who could be a god
Yea I might have to give him a buy. Also can I get a look at screenshot of Kadu?