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this is san andreas multiplayer. For all who have never heard of it this is the site :D if u want to play it download the cliant.
I was thinking about getting that. Might reinstall SA and play it. My mate says its good so I might as well.

Cheers for the link :thup:
me and dave might be starting our own clan, so if you want to join pm dave
sa-mp is a great online multiplayer game. Allthough it is still not as good as it could be its still worth playing. Currently it is at stage 0.1b. :) If anyone needs any help at all to do with sa-mp ask me. Ive been playing it since the release of it (about 1 year), i know how to do basic scripting using pawno. Thsi is used to create a game mode. Here is another link which you may find useful...

I am currently in a clan called HTB (home town boys), we do gang wars and stuff like that. The site for that is

sign up if u want to...:cool:
Is it just 100+ people running around killing **** out of each other?
usually theres no more than 50 people, also you can do different modes like racing thru check points etc... or if you could just run around killing people
depends on the server you go on. eg- littlewhiteys server u get 90-100 people just doing a basic death match. Some servers only have an few people playing on. There are many modes which can be played too like freeroam or stunting,ect.....:pleased:
sean did u decide to install san andreas in the end??
Not yet, I'll probably wait 'til this weekend now before reinstalling it.
Nah, think I'll just stick to casual play :)