Sacked By New Board, Now Hated By Club!!


Mar 3, 2006
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I took over spurs in 2014 and they were underachieving, following season i won carling cup and finished 3rd, however in the summer a consortium took over and decided to sack me as I had no games to play to at least save my job. I've jus looked on fm rte, and i am 100 DISLIKED personell on tottenhams relations. Now why would the fans hate me for bringing them success and being sacked because of board changes!!??
If the club dislikes you 100 that doesn't mean the fans at all. The new board don't like you, this was shown because they sacked you - not your fault, just the way it goes sometimes when clubs are taken over. But because the new board dislike you there is no way that you will be hired to work for tottenham again while they're in charge so therefore the dislike of the club towards you is at 100 - this may change if they get taken over in the future but for now you're **** out of luck