Jun 15, 2010
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Okay so I'm in 2016, I just got to Blue Square Prem with Wembley FC, from english level 9 pyramid, 4 back to back promotions, and I've just been sacked. I think its because my contract ran out? Is there anything I can do or not?

"With Rigley out of contract and no offer of a deal from Wembley"

is it because they didn't offer me a contract, when I've been promoted every season?

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Woah, no idea what the deal is there, but that's pretty harsh and seems like a bug if your board approval was high, which it should be. Load up a save from before it ran out and ask for a new contract, maybe?
I asked for a new contract about half way through the season, I remember, but I never did get one. I'll move on anyway from here, it does seem very buggy the leve 9 thing anyway
You could edit your contract date using FMRTE. If you haven't got FMRTE I'll be happy to help you out. If you send me your save in a PM I'll edit your contract so you've got another 4-5 years? Just a suggestion!