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Saint George's Academy - An England Youth Challenge


Apr 29, 2012
Well I gave this a go...
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Won promotion through the play-offs.
A good season in all, as you can see I have no super tactic and nearly lost my job. Halfway through the season we were flying in 1st place, the board asked if I would like to change expectations from mid-table to promotion which I did... then came the drop in form and we couldn't buy a win. With 10 or so games to go we had dropped to 7th! The board gave me 5 games to get 9 points and boy we did it and never looked back.

Youth in take was not as good as I was hoping. Only 1 player really that looks like he be of any good.
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Have had to put a player who I signed at the start of the season up for sale, due to him choosing to play for Scotland, he was English when I signed him. Shame because I think he will be a good player.
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Didn't take an England role straight away, waiting til one opens up for me to take.

Will we be able hack it in the top flight???


Apr 29, 2012

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What a great season!!! Well pleased with what we did, finishing 4th and into the Champions League is massive for us. We will now see if we can cope with the demands European football brings.

Also won the Capital One Cup
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As you can see from the screen shot I did make a couple of additions to the squad in the summer.
I added..

I added Barry on a free to strengthen my squad. An oldie (over 28) but only to help with the first couple of seasons in the Prem.
Berahino I paid over the odds for, but I like him and he fits in with the challenge very well.
Dawson was a rash buy as I let a lot of players go out on loan, then noticed I needed a defender with quality so snapped him up. However he also ended up going out on loan..

As I said I sent nearly all my Under 21s and Under 18s out on loan, some went to clubs in the Prem others throughout the Football League. With that in mind this season I shouldn't have to buy anyone as they have all had good First Team playing time now...

Having to release a few players as even after being out on loan they don't look like they will cut it in my First Team so no point keeping them hanging around. This will give the younger players who have quality to show that even more.
Alas I also have to let a three more players go due to them opting to play for Scotland, Wales and Spain respectfully.

My Youth Intake was better than last season but still not fantastic.

Signed a new contract with the clause to develop our own players, in line with that I asked the board to upgrade the Youth Facilities which they're going to start doing at the end of this season.

Hope next season is just as good....