Jun 7, 2012
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Hey lads ive decided to put a story up on here as ive gotten a new pc and just downloaded FM13 (demo, will have full game soon) and ive decided to go the team i support which is Rangers ad i know them very well and think it will be interesting bringing them back into the SPL, ive not played any FM13 so will take a bit to get the hang of things, anyway lets crack on!


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Decided to go with the three center midfielders as i have very strong players in that position and feel with the opposition quality we will be playing against we should cope very well, a few changes may be made but the 4-2-3-1 should work well.

Key Players

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Lee McCulloch, Neil Alexander and Lee Wallace are the players i will be looking to this season and who i feel are three of the stand out players in the team, all very experienced and solid stats.

Decided to keep the update rather short and simple as i haven't done this in a while, will upload with more information in future posts but for now ill keep it simple, ill post up probably after every 2-3 months instead of every months results like i use to do.

Well i hope you guys are looking forward to the story as i know i am! let me know what you guys think about me doing Rangers and if there is anything you want to know or any SS then ask away or anything ive missed, like i said ive played no FM13 yet until today.

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Solid start to the season for Gers

Quiet Transfer market

Gers get there first taste against an SPL side


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Was a fairly good month overall playing solid defending and keeping lots of clean sheets, our finishing has been fairly poor though especially with the amount of chances we have been creating, only 1 loss against SPL side Aberdeen which could of gone either way as it was a fairly even game so im disappointing it didn't go our way.


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As you can see i did pretty much no business in the transfers market, didn't want to really sell anyone as im going to give everyone a chance to prove themselves even though with these two signings we still have a rather small squad, bought Thomas Piermayr as a freebie, his stats are very good and will do very well considering the position of the club and he is versatile at the wing backs, Andrew Shinnie was unhappy at SPL side Inverness so decided to bring him into the team for 150k upfront which will be a great add to bolster up my midfield.

Player of the Month

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So consistent throughout the month and got a handful of assists from his pin point crossing.