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Jan 26, 2013
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Any word on whether or not SI are addressing the issue at all?

I haven't been able to get through a season yet without at least one of my saves corrupting and when I restore to previous it goes all the way back to the first time I saved. I save like three times first a day before then right before the game and finally one right after the game.

All have been corrupted effectively making the game unplayable now. I usually save twice during my play through and it takes my like three days to get through the season. Hence I usually encounter this problem once every day and a half. The first 5 saves are usually okay but its around the 10th game mark they go awry.

Note: It may be of interest to some to know that I have 7 countries in my database with only their first leagues loaded except Germany with three leagues loaded (Im playing in the German league). Database set to large I think there's around 17k players loaded. Perhaps playing this on my laptop might explain the save game corruption however on my souped up desktop I have fice stars even with 9 countries and 35k players.
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