Saved game editor for CM97-98 won't work well


Oct 9, 2013
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Decided to have a go on CM97-98 on my Win 7 pc... installed well and used Dosbox to run the game so no problems running it...

Used the in-built CM editor and edited well.

But the Saved Game editor gold won't work on the 97-98 saved game.

I run the Saved game editor gold and setted up the path to where the saved game is in the CM9798 folder and loaded up the saved game....

but... when I used the search to find the club I am managing... it says it can't find the name so I ran another search a few times using different names of clubs and players.. it still says it can't find the names ...

It got me puzzled so I doubled check the path where the saved game is and the Editor is using the path where the saved game is but is not bringing up the expected search results... so I presumed the Saved game editor is somewhat duff or not much cop..

The CM97-98 version is 2.81.

Have you ran that problem yourself?

I had no problem using a different saved game editor for the CM96-97 version nor the another saved game editor for the 95-96 version but this Saved Game editor for the 97-98 is really taking the biscuit !!!!!