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Feb 18, 2009
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So.. first post on here..

Basically, on FM, I always seem to have trouble financially. My club always seems to spend more than it brings in every month. My teams wages are below the wage budget set by the board and I've not changed it.

Just wondering, what ways is there to save money as a club?

Thanks in advance.
If you know you aren't gonna be spending anymore money on transfers, put it all into your wage budget as you get more interest.

Losing money each month is totally fine, as long as you can recoup what you lost at the end of the season with Sponsorship, tv revenue etc.
You want a great rate of return on your club's money, but you aren't comfortable with anything fancy. Burying it in the yard doesn't work, so you are ready to consider a savings account, money industry account, certificate of deposit or savings bonds. The rate of return is fair to excellent, they are not risky at all and when combined, and your personal finances can work for you. Check this out: Know where to keep your savings. Just click the link for the details.
I only really manage lower league clubs so obviously I encounter a lot of financial problems. My three main tips would be:

Always try to make a profit in transfer windows. Also only really use installments if you're sure you can cover the losses.

Set your own wage budget and still to it, just because you are under your chairmans budget buy £1 doesn't mean you are going to make money!

Always watch your finances, I check up on my clubs finances every few weeks to see how it's going, you can't directly effect a lot of the expenditures but you can try to balance things out.

Also read the link that Raikan provided.
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