Nov 11, 2010
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After 5 weeks of fine tuning, im finally ready...400 Scottish teams in a 20 league structure! Listed as over 13'000 changes...So im going to have to explain some of it...


The leagues word as Premiership, then divisions 1-5. Followed by the Caladonian Premiership, then divs 1-5, then the same with the Alba leagues, and finally the Scottish Junior Premiership and Division 1. Each one 20 teams, 2 auto promoted and 1 in the playoff.
Major changes
I thought about Scotland being independant, so the tax has had a tweak, 3 years to get citizenship. Any player gets a work permit if they earn £500 per week or more and no more than 5 non-EU players in the squad. The top 2 division must have seats, massive changes to reputations and prize money to reflect Scotlands attempts to make their leagues a success following independance
Every team has a 1st team and a youth team (A 3rd one just doesnt work well) except for the 9 Uni's who only have 1st teams as they can only have players up to 23 years old anyway, they take part in the Acadamies Cup, a 16 match league alongside the regular league. As a result, they have been given some of the best facilities in the country. I did have to create a few uni's to justify doing this!
What to expect
In a word..Chaos! Suddenly 40 Scottish sides will require all-seat stadiums so expect a lot of fast building and ground sharing with established sides for the 1st 2 years. In the 1st season transfers will be fairly modest but after a while they will spend very aggressivly. There is no massive drop in income between the 1st 2 divisions so they are al prepared to pay big to keep their stars!!!

At the very least its a fascinating game to watch...The quality of the teams rockets so fast and has great oppertunity to go for true challenges (Bottom to top in 20 years anyone? :)) and gives you the chance to explore the wonderful characters of the lower divisions. Maybe you can take the mighty Rob Roy to glory? How about the Civil Service Strollers? How about taking Uncle Bob's out of obscurty? Maybe its time to show what the Highland league clubs are cabable of? Or give Gretna 2006 a new chance? Or even have a crack at the new Acadamy Cup? Give it a try...

Oh and before you ask...Rangers start in Division 5! Lol
Giving this a go, looks really interesting! Think I'll play this while bringing Rangers back 2 the top
As a fellow Lower League Creator.. Very good file, and some advise from you

How did you enable to change the promotion places and relegation places.. In the first 3 divisions

i know its in my advanced editor i did it for 3 of my recent files but had to re-install editor and forgot.
Thanks for the replies guys... Ill try to answer what you have asked so far...

Rangers is an interesting one...The Premiership is a very different landscape by the time you get there!

Broxburn are in it! They start in Division 3 I think...If you use the Metallic logo pack you also get their badge, which contains a wierd but cute badger!!!

I didnt need to make the players better as such...I improved the quality of young players that came out of Scotland, as a result all most Scottish youmgsters came out at a much higher standard (Including most of the ones that already exist in the game. So yes and no to answer your question! :)

I have never used the advanced editor as far as I know...Just create new nation rules for the country, set the legue structue the way you want it, then go into the league and choose how many spots. It can be a real pain because you have to edit every apect of the league from start and finish dates to how many forighn player you start with so make sure you know everything about the league before doing it!
I hope this helps so far, if anyone has any questions, please let me know..any feedback would be aweome too...Otherwise, im going to carry on taking Huntly to the Premiership! lol
Hello, I know i'm 2 years late on this one, but I have just tried to run this database in the game and it has given a warning about the 'premiership' 'too many teams requested' or something along those lines. Any ideas? Only other databases Im running are the updates from steam and a one for england which adds the lower leagues of the pyramid? Any help would be appreciated.