SCOTLAND v LITHUANIA - European Championship Qualifier


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Ramon Nunez was the best player of the tournament as he helped Honduras win the Central American cup ;) oh yeah

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Bannan was just outstanding tonight, some of his passes were overhit though, and i reckon goodwillie got a bit ****** off on a couple of occasions, but both of them are young, and will get a lot better, i really enjoyed watching Bannan tonight... Goodwillie as well, made loads of good runs, I never realised how fast he was as well, he was like lightning chasing after some of them balls... With the squad we have now, we can only improve with the likes of Bannan, Goodwillie, Adam, Morrison, Snodgrass etc.

Like the post above i agree. We can only improve. There's no lack of talent here, the guys just need a chance. Plus we've got decent players coming through all over Scotland and with the likes of managers like Roberto Martinez, Owen Coyle and Kean and blackburn willing to take the chance on our lads its all good. World Cup winners 2014 IMO :D :D :D