Scotland Vs. Spain Thread

Lawro is an absolute ******! Preston scum. He needs to stop pretending to be Spanish and quieten down on the **** licking.

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Wigan 1 - 0 Barcelona XD XD Gwaarn Gary!
thought Renia was the backup?

No he is not.

No he is not.

Yes he is.

Valdes has been used more than Reina in the past year making 4 appearances and has been an unused substitute 7 times. Whereas Reina has played in 3 and been an unused substitute in 6. Personally I'd say that makes Valdes 2nd choice, but suppose you could say either are.
Bad result, good performance from Scotland
Bad result, good performance from Scotland

It really wasn’t. It was such a typical Scotland performance. ‘Oh, we are three nil down and need to win, should maybe go for it now?’

Time and time again we prove when it’s too late that we have players who can attack & play the ball on the deck, yet we still play with one up top and Hollywood passes to nobody.

If you are going to sit in against Spain and try to frustrate them, then you need to press them, constantly & wait for them to f**k up a pass or two. We didn’t do that, we sat off them and they just played it around us. It also doesn’t help that we have Gary Caldwell! I swear that watching him makes me want to kill someone, or at least throw my TV off the wall. Worst excuse for a footballer I have ever seen. All three goals could have been avoided if our defence had done their job.

I can’t believe the media are giving him an easy go of this. George Burley got slaughtered & didn’t do much worse. At least he tried to win games & didn’t set out to avoid defeat. We were in a group with a terrible Czech side & Lithuania, who are terrible. We should never have gone to those away games hoping for a point. Both sides were there for the taking. 4-6-0....f**k off! Playing a holding midfielder against Lichtenstein???

Oh well. A.B.E/I 2012 ;)
Kris - Apart from the Caldwell part (that goes without saying!!) I think your being pretty harsh!!

First of all I didn't think it was possible for anyone to compare Levein to Burley. Burley and attacking football? Really? He should of tried getting them to defend as well and then we wouldn't of got easily humped by teams like Wales! he had no idea of balance within the team and while Levein cocked up with infamous 4-6-0 at least he tried something different and gradually I think we've seen improvement from Scotland under him and the players actually seem to wear the shirt with pride again. The majority of this team is at a very good age as well and there are some more young players coming through which will give us more depth.

Your part about the holding midfielder as well, just because he has that title dosen't mean to say that he isn't part of he attacking line up as well, (Busquets anyone!) and he played against us last night, now if Spain play that way against us then why shouldn't we play that way against Lichtenstein? Spain and Barcelona are the examples to follow in how football should be played, I think we'll all agree and while Scotland have not mastered that and probably never will I'd rather watch them try that and get better at it then watching Burley and a passionless Scotland.

Last point - taking Spain out of the equastion (we all new they would win the group) If the ref hadn't awarded that penalty for the Czech's then the Spain game wouldn't of mattered, we were in the play-offs and would of been job well done!
I'll agree with you there about Caldwell, being a Wigan fan and borderline Celtic fan.. He's a joke! You can tell that we have missed Alcaraz because in his absence, Caldwell hasn't done anything worth noting, he can't organise a defence in a Scotland shirt, let alone a multi-national side! A lot of Wigan fans love him just because of his stature, having played for Celtic, but I don't. Can't wait to get Alcaraz back and drop Caldwell for Piscu!