Scottish Journeyman Chronicles - Moving on from Aberdeen in 2036


Sep 15, 2009
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Donald forced to quit Aberdeen

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Here was our trophy haul together

-----Aberdeen Trophy Count-----
18* SPL
19* Scottish League Cup
16* Scottish Cup
3* Champions League
3* World Club Cup

Further stats are on the OP of that save
Aberdeen Save

I have also quit as Scotland manager to fully develop our club sides

-----Scotland History-----
World Cup 2018 2nd Round
Euro 2020 2nd Round
World Cup 2022 - Failed to Qualify
Euro 2024 2nd Round
World Cup 2026 - Semi Finals
Euro 2028 Group Phase
World Cup 2030 - Runner Ups
Euro 2032 - Semi Finals
International League 2033 - Runner Up
World Cup 2034 - Runner Ups

Onto the future

I plan to move around the best SPL teams trying to at least make them relevant in Europe and maybe even close the gap on Aberdeen

Dundee Utd appoint new manager

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Dropping down a division to fulfill the dreams of our maverick Italian owner
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A very light trophy cabinet to work on
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The past 20 seasons have been a total disaster for United with only 2 seasons in the SPL and 5 in League 1
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And with only 2 wins since new year
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Which leave us with 4 cup finals, god i hate that expression. Were just 1 point out of the playoff spots so a few wins should be enough to reach the top 4 but were 5 points and 4 teams away from 2nd so would have to win the lot and get some help along the way

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The Squad
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Not sure how many of these guys will play more than half a dozen games here but here's how we line up for now. Whatever happens big changes in the summer because.....


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Only in this save, 2 more years in the Aberdeen save so if you like transfers here's were you want to be.

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Match 33
Forfar vs Dundee Utd

Great way to start and a true note of where we are now. My first match at Dundee Utd is as a 11/1 underdog

Forfar 2-1 Dundee Utd
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Not the start i wanted. Impossible to judge where we are thanks to a red card after 3 minutes. The result means the best we can hope for is 4th with even 3rd looking beyond us after just 1 game.

Match 34
Dundee Utd vs Inverness CT
Two teams who are just outside the top 4 and a defeat for either could end there season.

Dundee Utd 3-0 Inverness CT
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In was a nervous start and for the first 20 minute the game was a tight close fought affair before 10 magic minutes put us 3 goals clear. A late consolation for Caley was far too late to impact the result. 2 games to go and were right back in the playoff hunt.

Match 35
Dundee Utd vs Livingston
This is our easiest match on paper against already relegated Livingston. Having said that they did just beat champions Forfar

Dundee Utd 5-2 Livingston
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This should have been in the bag after we scored 3 goals in the first 21 minutes but it got tough right after the break when Livi had it back to 3-2. our superior stamina came through and 2 goals toward the end makes this look better than it was. Sadly Forfar missed a 90th minute penalty and failed to beat St Johnstone so its now impossible to catch them for 2nd and we'll need a result against them in our final game to secure a top 4 spot.

Match 36
Dundee Utd vs St Johnstone
Final game of the season. St Johnstone have locked down a play off spot as have Queen of the South and because 2nd is still up for grabs St Johnstone cant rest players for this match and will want a win as much as we do. Difference is if we dont win we might not make the playoffs.

Dundee Utd 4-2 St Johnstone
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As our home games seem to go it was a close first 20 minutes then we turned on the afterburners and the way St Johnstone are set up they were all but beaten once they were 2 goals down. Ally Tiffoney almost made me eat my words but we stayed on and two more goals in the 2nd half locked down our playoff spot.

Playoff Draw
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And it's St Johnstone who we'll play in the first of a possible 6 games that will decide what league we'll play in next season.

Aberdeen have also appointed there full time manager
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Play Off 1st Round

1st Leg
Dundee Utd 1-0 St Johnstone
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After taking the lead in the 3rd minute i would have expected a lot more than a 1 goal win but at least we kept a clean sheet that could be huge with our form on the road being abysmal

2nd Leg
St Johnstone 2-2 Dundee Utd
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We played it tight with the first leg lead and when we doubled it through substitute Brownlie we took a step back and when a St Johnstone own goal put us 3 goals clear we shut up shop and rested for the next round when St Johnstone began a comeback but thankfully it ended with 2 goals.
Dundee Utd win 3-2 on Agg

Second Round Draw
Dundee Utd vs Queen of the South
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The two sides with the biggest financial backing in the league. Both have been taken over by consortium in the past few seasons. Not the biggest takeover however as Raith were taken over by Lithuanians, Hearts fans look away!

Nice twist on the story my friend ! I will be waiting your big away encounter against your former club. Surely it is going to be very emotional !!!
Nice twist on the story my friend ! I will be waiting your big away encounter against your former club. Surely it is going to be very emotional !!!

It will be especially emotional if they thump us 5-0 or worse haha. I'm just waiting till i write out Aberdeen in a post instead of Dundee Utd. Just a matter of when not if

Playoff 2nd round

1st Leg
Dundee Utd 3-0 QOTS
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Easily our best display since i took over. Its take about a month to get this team playing the way i want. Fitness is starting to be a issue leaving a big question on who to play in the 2nd leg. I cant see us throwing away a 3 goal lead if we rest a few.

2nd Leg
QOTS 1-0 Dundee Utd
Dundee Utd win 3-1 on Agg
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Dang that couldnt have been rougher on my heart. We changed 9 players leaving our star on the bench and the VERY risky move worked out as we built a wall Donald Trump and the Chineese would be proud of that gets us through the the final playoffs with a lot of rest for our first 11

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You have to be kidding me!


Play Off Final

Rangers have the third best squad in the league but a slow start seen Roy Carroll's 14 seasons at the club ended when he was sacked before moving on to Liverpool. rangers have gone the other way under Ricki Lamie who had them bottom at one stage but after moving into the top 10 a late defeat to St Mirren sent them into the play off

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1st Leg
Dundee Utd 5-0 Rangers
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Can we start getting the SPFL badges on our shirts? we went into the 2nd half in the lead but the whole tie changed when Rangers went down to 10 men and set up the strangest formation i've seen. They put nobody on there left wing so we went more attacking and focused down the right and a further 4 goals including 3 from Noble. The two own goals and the red card for Black tells me these players probably want to drop down a division

2nd Leg
Rangers 1-1 Dundee Utd
Dundee Utd win 6-1 on Agg
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The second leg was a formality and we'll be in the SPL with a whole new team next season!

Sadly we'll never know how this will turn out as i've had a major job at work that ha had me locked down for the past 2 week so i'm not going to be doing this save since FM18 is out in under a month and i have no idea how much time i'll have to play