Jan 7, 2009
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i am manager of scottish division 3 Annan Athletic and i cant seem to get the results i need. I am constantly prevented from employing new coaches and the ones i have are not good.My players seriously need training as they are unfit and I wonder if any of you guys have experienced the same and how you overcame this.
welcome to the real world of FM!!! it's tough isn't it?

there's not a lot you can do apart from keep going, :p
You could cheat and use the editor!
I am playing as East Stirling and just play to my teams ability,nothing fancy like cute triangle passing,it just does not happen down in the Scottish basement. Target man is used plenty and a steady back four. I never close down all over as tiredness sets in. I have a couple of men with pace for a quick counter. Direct route is the order of the day.But hey,it worked for Wimbeldon in the 80's!
mutual terminate sum of the coaches so you need more and make up your own training sessions to improve players ability