Scottish PL vs Australian A-league

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As an excited, and mesmerized fan of the new A-league in Australia, which has just had it's first season final. (we play full 21 round season, followed by a championship 4 team finals series) The plans are to expand to 12 teams, instead of the eight that we currently have,where the 4 top finishing teams get to qualify for the Champ Cup, which ultimately decides the season winner. It works but i and many orthers here in oz are use to the European way of winning the premiership and that makes you the winner, by following EPL and SPL and the other euro competitions. And here is where the SPL comes in. Is having 12 teams exciting enough? is there enough talent to host GOOD games each week?
Is it commercially successful? How are the crowds? And just to satisfy the English, and to burn the Scotts, i think a few A-league teams like Sydney FC, Adelaide United, Central Coast Mariners and Queensland Roar are just as good if not better than a lot of the SPL teams. ( i know SPL has history behind it).
Hmm I doubt it our league is slowly improving if the sfa fat cats get off therer **** and just make the spl a 18 team league it would be muh better. I don't think any Aussie side could compete with our big 4 Celtic,Hearts,Rangers,Hibs maybe after that though.
This thread is insulting to the SPL, yes its not the greatest league in the world but its certianly better than hte like of the A league. You;ve clearly been listening to the English.
Sure the SPL is weak, but i doubt the A-league (even with the likes of Dwight Yorke :D ) is anything near it in quality. Sounds like an interesting format though
I think they should let aussie teams have at least 3 marquee players and keep the eight teams for now.
I do agree that Hearts,Rangers,Celtic,and Hibs are world class clubs, I don't think an aussie team would win the SPL, but certainly give them a run for their money. I am in no way insulting the SPL. Assuming A-leaguers wouldn't cut it in the SPL is insulting us. (Dwight wasn't/isn't the best player in the league). The league itself doesn't match the SPL, or even ECC, but SOME of the teams would compete well.
Anyway....i started this thread so we here in oz could maybe model our league to the SPL, so in time have a well prospering league. Sydney FC by the way came 5th in the FIFA World Club Championships held in Japan in Dec'05, by beating Africas best team of the year, Al Ahly (egypt). Even Liverpool came 2nd, to Sau Paulo. I know it doesn't mean that SFC is the 5th best team in the world, but it is a very good achievement.
Liverpool were robbed and cheated out of that and Hearts are not world class...yet:D Your sides would prob give us a run for our money just like i think Hearts could cut it in England.
Hearts and Hibs could cut it in EPL

Rangers and Celtic would be in the top 6 within 3 season, Celtic would be in their first season :D
It would be good if you could enter lets say Celtic or Sydney FC into the EPL or other leagues around the world and compete there. (FM2006,speaking)
You can, just make some EDT files and swap some teams around.

I don't know what the code is, but I'm sure somebody does :)
C'mon that somebody! It would be good, if for us who don't know past patching packages on to the game, to make this task easier than having to code something. If that somebody has time, please help. (Even to be able to insert all the teams, from which ever league on to one, like for instance, ManU,Hibs,HJK,PSV Eind',SydneyFC,Barcelona,Lyon,Milan......and so on, you get the drift.
"SWAP_TEAMS" "AFC Wimbledon" "Sunderland"

Just change the team names
Sorry for being "stupid", but where do i type this code and .......aarrggghhh, could you just write me out a map, as in Go to C:\footballmanager....and so on, please Gregor. Does this actually then put the whole team,players,stadium,staff finances the whole lot,even if they are extremely different from the next teams?
Like Man U would have Millions of Euro, in comparison to a Hungarian 2nd league club only having 10 bucks to it's name....??!!! But they could still venture in the same league? ( i hope that made sense)
Put this file here

C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2006\data\db

to edit, open with wordpad.

EDIT: Sorry I cant upload it here, Sean doesn allow it (wanka) and I CBA ATM to upload it anywhere else :p
what age is ian ferguson!!!! he must be about 42 or something
He'll be 39 next year, younger than sheringham but hes been aroung for years and years.
is he still mad, i.e squuare up 2 his own team mates (van vossen ring any bells!)