Jan 23, 2013
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This is where I will be taking comments and suggested edits for the Scottish Reconstruction 12-12-18 Custom Database I uploaded.

Download Here -

Version 1:

-Scottish Leagues put into the planned 12-12-18 set up for next season, includes spread out financial distribution and cup prize money as well as, the 3 leagues of 8 split after 22 games.
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1st Season Split - No games played after split yet
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Don't ask why 3rd and 4th in the Bottom 8 are highlighted for relegation to the national league it is still the teams lying in 7th and 8th that go down. It just seems to do this because this isn't actually an official league set up despite it being tried out in other countries already. I have had to create this by setting up playoffs in the form of leagues and it seems to have glitched FM as no playoff games have been played at this point.

Here are the National League standings at the same point in time for anyone who is curious

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Added for Version 2 - 15/04/2013:

-Lowered full contract minimum age to 16.

-Added Match Rule Minimum of 4 U21 players in Match Squad and 2 in Squad to Championship and National Divisions.

-Games moving for T.V. dates.

-Increased T.V. Money £500,000 Premiership, £250,000 Championship, £100,000 National added per club
(This is actual TV money not league position money. I hadn't originally included this in Version 1, I have tried to reflect an increase in interest as much as possible)

Sadly, this League Reconstruction proposal has now been scrapped so along with the proposals going under I am scrapping this project. I will now be moving on to working on Rangers and any other proposals put forward by any other prominent members of Scottish Football please look out for my upcoming (Gers Proposed) 14-14-14 release which will be uploaded once I fix some issues I'm not quite happy with.

Apologies - DB
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