Dec 8, 2009
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Scottish Revolution Database

I am in the process of making a "Scottish Revolution" Database which basically I have took the Scottish Leagues and Cups structure and changed it to make it more interesting and competitive for teams and managers.

*6 playable Divisions
*More Teams in each Division
* Promotion Playoffs in all divisions (except Top Division)
*Winter Break
*Longer winter transfer window
*Larger and more competitive Scottish Cup
*Additional Cups depending on teams divison
*Better prize money for SPL teams

Screenshots of Leagues

View attachment 285040

View attachment 285039

View attachment 285038

View attachment 285037

View attachment 285036

View attachment 285035

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View attachment 285033

Who would be interested in downloading it if I uploaded it?
I would be, will go nicely with the English lower 9 database, but shouldn't Rangers be in the 2nd Div or Conference?
I would as i always play in scotland so please put an xml file up for this please
I would be interested in downloading mate becasuse the scottish set-up at the moment is boring,thought about doing a set up their currently discussing 16-10-16 or 12-12++ but havent got round to it.

If you want me to test it or play it upload it or PM it.
is there a download link with celtic in the premier league??
Ah, Bonnyrigg Rose AC in the 2nd division, a lovely place to start. For some reason, I LOVE Scottish football.
Always play the Scottish leagues but getting bored of them so this would be great!